International Series Season Ticket Update

Roger Goodgroves shares more information regarding the possibility of helping NFL International Series Season Ticket Holders resolve the issues caused due to problems with the ticket booking system on release day.

In the recent article about the problems affecting the renewal process for International Series Season Tickets holders, we spoke to Alistair Kirkwood – NFL UK Managing Director.

At that time we suggested it could be possible for there to be a “second bite” opportunity for season ticket holders to acquire different seats in the stadia.  These would come from those not being renewed and those released by people who had moved their seats and those seats would now be available.

When the window for season ticket renewals expired I contacted Alistair again to see what progress had been made with the suggestion.

“We will announce in next couple of days when tickets go on sale for others [New Season Ticket Holders]. I don’t think we will delay to get the solution that you’re referring to because there exists a solution but at the moment not the complete confidence that it would be a seamless process.

That might take an inordinate amount of time to test and check before going live . If we arrive at a solution that is straightforward and doesn’t hold other things up then we’ll go with that but if there’s any risk or ambiguity to the user experience then we will forego that process.”

Whilst this will be a disappointment for many, I can understand that decision, especially after what happened.  As Alistair concluded in a previous response “We will learn from this” and it looks like he has.

UPDATE: Since initially writing this article, NFL UK have announced that new season tickets will go on sale 10am on 10 January.