Jags Se7ens Cup update eligibility criteria for 2018

In line with feedback following last year’s tournament, and in keeping with the Jaguars UK’s goal of growing participation in the sport in the UK and the EU, the new criteria means we should see some new contenders emerge for the once-again incredibly impressive prize!

We’ll share the new 2018 FAQs below, but the important part that is a step change from previous years is as follows:

  1. Who is eligible to participate?
    • Any current, full-time resident of the European Union of United Kingdom is eligible to participate in the 2018 Jaguars Se7ens Cup. Participants with any professional American Football experience (i.e. Canadian Football League, National Football League, NFL Europe or the like) are not permitted to participate in the Se7ens Cup. College-level experience is permitted

      They must be over 18 years old and must be able to speak and understand English. Each participating member must also have no history of head trauma, with or without loss of consciousness, dizziness, slipped disk or hernia; and have no pre-existing or underlying heart condition, respiratory condition, or other serious medical condition that would inhibit Participants’ ability to participate in the event.

The change, from 2017’s requirement to have at least four team members with an EU/UK passport, follows the success of the Mass Flag All-Stars, winning last year’s tournament with the core of their team flying over from the United States for their qualifying heat and the championship game.

Jaguars Se7ens Cup winners the Mass Flag All-Stars

The All Stars regularly travel internationally for tournaments, but even they were impressed with the massive prize on offer… Hence their willingness to fly several of their players over, twice, to compete.

Though in the end, that prize may have been bittersweet, as the Massachusetts-based team attended a Super Bowl where they watched their beloved Patriots lose to the Eagles.

The new criteria, however, will likely ensure we see new contenders for the massive prize emerge – perhaps the Pole Axe team that came runners-up to the All-Stars in last year’s Manchester heat, or the Baker Street Button Hookers, British National Champs in 2017 and runners-up to the All-Stars in last years final.

Read through the 2018 Jaguars Se7ens Cup FAQs below, or mobile users can download them.





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