Manchester Titans announce venue change ahead of 2017 campaign

The Manchester Titans, shortly after announcing an expansion of their academy, last week announced a change of venue ahead of their 2017 campaign.

The gift that keeps on giving, the Titans confirmed that as of January, they will be moving venue from AJ Bell Stadium to Belle Vue, the former home of the Manchester Spartans during the 1980’s.


The Titans’ Adult Contact, U19 and U17 teams will train on the new 4G pitch which is fitted with shock pads and is part of the National Basketball Centre. In a new partnership with Manchester City Council, the Titans will have access to a range of sporting facilities across the region including Strength and Conditioning Gyms and indoor facilities.

The Titans will have access to the 6,000 capacity National Speedway Stadium which is part of the same Belle Vue complex. Also having a 4G pitch that will host the Women’s, Flag and U17 sides, the stadium will look to host both Adult Contact and U19 Contact matches from 2017 and beyond.

This is an exciting new partnership for the Titans, we have a venue that wants to promote American Football throughout Manchester and facilities that allow us to offer a better training proposition with more space, more training time and better facilities. –¬†Club Chairman Jonathan Homer


The National Speedway Stadium gives the Titans a home venue that allows them to offer a genuine home game day product that they can use to attract a paying crowd to all of their games.

Undaunted by the task of filling the stadium on game day, Club Chairman Jonathan Homer said “Our initial aims are for 1k a game in the first season. This is a minumum and represents a very achievable target.”

With a detailed plan of action that includes free tickets for school children across the city, the Titans will look towards their established partnerships, as well as building new ones. Homer continued “We will look to use the stadiums’ contacts – they are keen to work with us and this gives us access to the Speedway fanbase. We will partner up again with the local Basketball and Ice Hockey whose audiences share our demographic.”

The unrelenting growth of the Titans shows no sign of slowing any time soon.



Rob Amor

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