Manchester Titans Stadium Move

The Manchester Titans are set to announce details of a lucrative stadium trial, which they hope will turn into a permanent residency.
The team currently plays on the astro turf outside the AJ Bell Stadium, home to the Salford City Reds rugby team but on June 1st they are being offered the chance to play inside the 12,000 seat venue.

Photo by Nathan James Sharrocks

The deal sees the Titans benefit from professional ground staff marking the pitch to requirements, staff to cover turnstiles and the use of the stadium’s extensive media contacts to promote the game.
Tickets to the game will be £5 whilst under 12s go free and the Manchester side are hoping to sell 1,000 in order to cover the costs of the ground, with any more funds raised being profit for the club itself.
“We’ve been in talks since October and everybody has worked hard to get the deal done,” said Titans’ chairman Jon Homer. “We know that American football is marketable in the UK and our long term goal is to not only make profit from our game days as opposed to paying for them but to provide a highly entertaining game day for our fans.
“We are confident of selling the required tickets and the marketing campaign is already ready and just requires implementing.”
Homer also thanked the Walney Terriers and the Crewe Railroaders for rescheduling games to allow this trial to go ahead, adding “they’ve been fantastic, and we know that Crewe are as excited as us to play inside the venue.”
Tickets can be purchased from the stadium or from



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