Match Report | BAFA NL ’19 – Steelers vs Romans

by Sam Banner

A Saturday evening game at Tipton Sports Academy is always special, especially with Birmingham Lions and Sandwell Steelers legend Jay Alexander providing commentary for the game, and the Steelers certainly stepped up in the first half.

From the first whistle, the Steelers defensive line left a mark on the Romans offence leading to a quick three-and-out on the opening possession and the pass rush in the QB’s mind. After a short punt from the Romans, the Steelers offence took the field and immediately started dominating in the run game leading to an opening touchdown from RB Eddy Oguns.

Another three-and-out, including a sack from the defensive line, led to the Romans punting short again, giving QB Oscar Russell the chance to lead another touchdown drive, with RB Eddy Oguns walking into the end zone.

(c) Whizzyfingers Photography

The first quarter was finished off by a passing touchdown from QB Oscar Russell and another touchdown run from RB Chris Hanbury, showing great strength as the offensive unit pushed him over the goal line.

This was very much the story of the first half, as the Steelers pounded their way to a 51-0 lead at half time…

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