Match Report | Tigers @ Vikings

The Glasgow Tigers entered the 2019 season with high hopes under new Head Coach – and left their first game with their heads held high and optimism for the games ahead.

First quarter

Coach Ryan McCluskey’s first game at the helm started with both defences controlling the game throughout a scoreless first few drives before the Northumberland Vikings defence put the first points on the board as they stopped the Tigers making it out their own end zone for a safety and a 2-0 lead.

The Vikings came close to scoring again, but they put paid to their own drive as a number of threatening penalties turned a 1st And Goal from within the 10 to a 4th and Goal from midfield before Robb Gould intercepted Vikings QB Richie Howe on a 4th down try.

Second quarter

The Tigers sprung to life in the second quarter, with a well put-together drive showcasing the offence’s running and passing ability.

Good runs from Maurice Adams and QB Jig McCoy led the team down the field, before Jig hit wide receiver Dan Matthews for a passing TD from just over 30 yards out. Kicker Jason Maclean added on the extra point to make the score 7-2 to the Tigers.

Both teams failed to make it into the end zone on their ensuing drives, with the Vikings missing a field goal attempt from around 30 yards to keep the score close.

The Tigers came closest to scoring again before the half, as running back Adams broke four tackles on a pitch from the QB making it inside the Vikings 20-yard line.

A fumble just short of the end zone meant the play didn’t lead to points, and the teams headed into the half with the Tigers still leading 7-2.

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