More Game Pass Issues and Own Goals

NFL’s premium product for watching football has had its share of problems since the NFL awarded the contract to a new company before the start of last season.

Technical issues plagued the new company all through the first weeks of the season culminating in all users receiving refund offers. These issues were documented in my articles last year so I won’t rehash them here.

I had high hopes for the beginning of this season as the product seemed to be stable and the organisation behind the service did appear to be paying attention to the views of their subscribers.

Unfortunately, in the past few days, they have scored a few own goals (or should that be safties!).

Firstly they let me know that they would be closing their Twitter account and the only method to get support issues resolved would be by raising a fault ticket. Whilst they may well have improved their support resources and now offer a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), section sometimes it’s actually more important what is seen rather than what may actually happen. The optics of this move just aren’t good. Even if they wanted to do this, they should have waited until the end of this season when customers could have more faith in a stable service.

The first day of August is when renewals were due to happen for the 2018/2019 season. Subscribers should know by this date what options exist for both pricing and packages. I outlined the three options that users have in my article. Despite assurances that all details would be known by this date, users are still only given information on the ‘Pro’ package and that is the only option available should they want to continue using the service.

To add insult to injury, subscribers who had their accounts set to auto-renew found out that their accounts hadn’t been renewed.

When speaking to the support desk they received messages like this one below:

True to their word, users found out this morning that they couldn’t watch the service as their accounts had been stopped. Unfortunatelty payments had not been taken for the new season and there was no service available. There also seem to be issues with those electing to renew with Paypal as it appears payments can’t be auto-renewed using this method.

On a more positive note, Game Pass have obviously realised the issues caused and have reactivated user accounts, including those who didn’t have Auto-renew set and whose packages should have actually been terminated!

I have asked Game Pass for comments about the issue and I will update this piece when I hear back.