New BAFA Chairman Announced

This morning BAFA announced that BAFA Chairman Charles Macnamara will be stepping down to be replaced by outgoing Vice Chairman Martin Cockerill. Former BAFA Director of Coaching Jon Wyse was elected to the Vice Chair role in mid August.

BAFA released the following statement on


Martin will replace outgoing Chairman Charles Fraser-Macnamara

On the 27th of August the newly formed BAFA board selected outgoing Vice Chairman Martin Cockerill as the new Chairman of the board.

Martin has served on the BAFRA and BAFA board, taking on all challenges and bringing diverse groups together. His work on the international scene with IFAF and excellent relations with many of the national governing bodies from the IFAF family will help cement Great Britain`s football family on both domestic and international fronts.

Outgoing Chairman Charles Fraser-Macnamara stated: “After 30 years at the helm, it’s time for the new blood to drive forward the BAFA governance changes to their completion. Martin`s drive and passion for the development of the game at all levels, but especially the younger age groups, means that with the new members of the board, he will be in a good place to grow and develop the sport in the right way for future generations to play and enjoy.”

When asked about his appointment, Martin said: “It’s with deep humility and joy that I accept this new challenge, I look forward to meeting and conquering all the challenges that lay ahead. Having been in the sport since 1993, I have seen bad times and good.

“British American football is going through many challenges at the younger age ranges and that is an area that we need to nurture for the benefit of all, the adult and college groups are stronger than ever with outstanding coaches, players and managers, I want to utilise these groups for the betterment of the sport.

“I look forward to working with the new board and with old friends and new friends I have yet to meet, but a big thanks has to go to Charles Fraser Macnamara for his unswerving and dedicated loyalty to British Football, his tenacity to improve the governance and structure of the game leaves us with an excellent base to work from, football owes him a vast, heartfelt thanks for taking on a shrinking sport and reinvigorating it to where we are now.

Martin follows in the footsteps of Charles, who in turn stepped up from Vice Chair to Chair in 2013.





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