NFL Power Rankings | Week Fifteen

Another addition to our NFL coverage this season, writer Dean Malpass has joined Team DC to share how he see things stacking up in the Big League this season, with full 32-team Power Rankings each week! 

Dean’s no stranger to a pigskin, having played and coached as part of the Britball Nation – where does he see each team stacking up following some of the nailbiters in Week Seven?

1. Chargers (11-3)

There’s nothing more I could ask the Chargers to do in order to earn the coveted #1 spot. Beat the previous #1 team [check], on the road [check], without their best offensive skill player [check].

I know they are the untrendiest thing in fickle LA but that makes me like them even more. I just hope they haven’t peaked too soon.

2. Chiefs (11-3)

The AFC West dominance continues. Mahomes is a beast, Hill is superfast, Reid is coaching his backside off. But closing out the win in Arrowhead was essential to stay numero uno.


3. Saints (12-2)

I’m mildly concerned that they are on their way to one and done if they can’t return to previous form. If they do they’ll be a solid contender.




4. Bears (10-4)

Life is sweet in Chi-town right now. Division winners, dominant D, young QB, and to top it all beating the Packers. No need for me to exit this train now!


5. Texans (10-4)

Easily the third best team in the AFC according to my eyes. Another underdog special to topple the likes of the Pats and Steelers who won’t admit it but must be hoping to avoid the Texans.



6. Steelers (8-5-1)

Phew! Finally got the monkey off their back against their nemesis. Despite stellar line play I can’t trust them yet, and definitely wouldn’t pick them to win their first championship since 2008.

The Alpha Romeo of the league.


7. Colts (8-6)

If you haven’t watched the Colts in the last 6 weeks, pour a cold one, put them on GamePass and enjoy. You can thank me later.



8. Patriots (9-5)

If it wasn’t for their past pedigree I’d grade this team as fantastically mediocre. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but thanks to their cupcake schedule they’ll win the division (again).


9. Rams (11-3)

My good friend Rob Wilson (loyal reader and self-proclaimed Prince of OT) told me this at the weekend:

“The Rams are done… Patricia broke them. Teams don’t show their defence until after Goff can’t hear McVay.”

He might just be right. No QB is worse than Goff right now and the Rams are losing with regularity.


10. Cowboys (8-6)

This might have to be the year where they are just happy to make the playoffs. I don’t see them winning in the wild card round against an above average opponent.



11. Vikings (7-6-1)

Football is like a box of chocolates… You never know what you’re gonna get.

The Vikings are the yellow Quality Street, make of that what you will.



12. Ravens (8-6)

If the Ravens win the Super Bowl with their run-heavy option based ground game all of the snobbery surrounding “Pro-system college quarterbacks” will disappear, and everyone will be drafting mobile QBs and hiring college coaches.

13. Seahawks (8-6)

That loss did not help their playoff push. The NFC teams in the hunt for the wild card spots suddenly seem spent and lifeless and the Seahawks are no exception.

14. Titans (8-6)

If Derek Henry continues to play like this he’s going to be arrested for assault and battery on opposing defences.


15. Eagles (7-7)

The Eagles are alive and kicking. Nick Foles and Alshon Jeffrey gave the offence new life. Is this the start of their title defence?


16. Redskins (7-7)

I’m so impressed with the resolve, tenacity, and professionalism from the Redskins. I’m shocked that they are in the playoff hunt.



17. Dolphins (7-7)

The benchmark of mediocrity for the league. Congratulations Miami, you did it.



18. Browns (6-7-1)

What a season since firing Jackson. If there were five games left to play I’d fancy them for the playoffs. But there isn’t so I don’t.


19. Panthers (6-8)

Closing out the season in depressing fashion.


20. Broncos (6-8)

The Broncos learned a valuable lesson in the need for consistency in a deceptively long season.


21. Giants (5-9)

The hot streak ended and it’s the basement of the division for them.



22. Bengals (6-8)

Marvin Lewis might keep his job, and if he does he owes it all to Joe Mixon and Tyler Boyd.


23. Bills (5-9)

There’s so much to improve on in the offseason it’s hard to imagine that much of this offence remains.


24. Buccaneers (5-9)

Words can’t describe the Buccaneers experience this year. It has to be seen to be believed.



25. Packers (5-8-1)

I told you, I told you, I told you.


26. Falcons (4-10)

A wasted season of Ryan and Julio in their prime.



27. Jets (4-10)

The sad State of football in the Tri-state area continues.


28. Lions (5-9)

Tough to figure out this team all season.



29. 49ers (4-10)

Will this season be remembered as Garoppolo: the lost year?


30. Jaguars (4-10)

So the change in QB didn’t unshackle this team to reach its full potential?

One of the worst hangover seasons in the last decade.


31. Raiders (3-11)

I don’t think many people expected the Raiders to be this lacking in quality.

Now the Vegas stadium isn’t ready for next season… I wouldn’t be surprised if no fans turned up if they stay in Oakland for another year.


32. Cardinals (3-11)

Not good. But at least they are a likeable bunch.



Dean played offensive and defensive line for the Leicester Longhorns (née Lightning) 2004-2008, specialising in iron-man football and team captain duties whilst completing his degree in American Studies at Leicester Uni.

In 2012-2013 he teamed up with his old coach Duncan Burford for more Uniball with the Westminster Dragons, coaching the o-line running the triple option and as assistant offensive coordinator.

Dean loves all things pig-skin as a welcome break from his job managing a hospital. He lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and two sons. He is an avid Buffalo Bills fan… so, nobody’s perfect.




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1