NFL Power Rankings | Week Fourteen

Another addition to our NFL coverage this season, writer Dean Malpass has joined Team DC to share how he see things stacking up in the Big League this season, with full 32-team Power Rankings each week! 

Dean’s no stranger to a pigskin, having played and coached as part of the Britball Nation – where does he see each team stacking up following some of the nailbiters in Week Seven?

1. Chiefs (11-2)

In what felt like a playoff game in all respects, the Chiefs got the OT win and took all the marbles. Mahomes is the MVP in my opinion and the Chiefs should cause havoc in the playoffs.


2. Saints (11-2)

Returned to winning ways if not their fluid style. Has the season proven three games too long for the Saints? The offensive output isn’t there since December came.




3. Rams (11-2)

On the road in Chicago is a great stress-test for playoff viability. Only problem is that they lost. I’m concerned that their D cannot ball on the road in the cold, and that my friends is January football.


4. Chargers (10-3)

Are eyeing up the division crown, with all left to play for. Who is decisively better than them right now in the AFC?


5. Cowboys (8-5)

My eyes tell me that they are already playing January football and have the recipe for success. They appear to game plan better than anyone right now



6. Patriots (9-4)

One minute in Miami has ruined many a man and the Patriots continue to struggle down there. I never want to count them out, but right now they don’t look to match up well against the AFC’s best…especially on the road.

7. Bears (9-4)

In a frigid Chicago night game the Bears defence was hot, and shut down the Rams high powered offence. Poor QB play by both sides in abundance gave us an early indicator to take the under in January if these teams meet again.

8. Seahawks (8-5)

Continue to grind out tough wins against evenly matched teams which is a sign of good things to come. Hands up who wants to play the Seahawks in the wild card round?

9. Texans (9-4)

Too late for Thanksgiving and too early for Christmas the Texans laid one heck of an egg against the Colts and it might cost them dearly.



10. Ravens (7-6)

The anarchist within me wants another Steelers ambush, and a Pats playoff dismissal. Come on Ravens, do it for the little guys!


11. Dolphins (7-6)

Well whaddya know? How bout them Dolphins [said no one, ever]? I’ve disrespected and dismissed them all season long, and maybe I was wrong all along. As unremarkable as they are in all areas, they aren’t bad either. Ladies and gentlemen get ready for the wild card Dolphin party!


12. Steelers (7-5-1)

Three losses in a row is tough to write off as bad luck. As Cal said in Titanic “A real man makes his own luck”.



13. Colts (7-6)

Kept themselves in playoff contention with a solid win over their division leader. Is it all coming together at the right time for them?



14. Titans (7-6)

It is now or never for the playoff push to save Mariota.



15. Vikings (6-6-1)

Lost and it’s probably the end for them.




16. Eagles (6-6)

Playing teams close and losing is the opposite of what playoff bound, super bowl contenders do. For the Eagles this season has been a bridge too far.


17. Panthers (6-7)

The slide has become a free fall with Ron Rivera left clutching at the reserve ‘chute. Tell Tiny Tim that the Panthers will be home this Christmas…Watching the good teams on TV.

18. Browns (5-7-1)

Listen, I get it. Saying you like Gregg Williams is worse than admitting you think Trump is a good President. But at least the former has respect from NFL players. I’m moving them up and there’s nothing you can do about it, ya hear?!


19. Giants (5-8)

Watch out for the surging Giants, currently romping towards the 8-8 season Ben McAdoo always dreamt of. Then listen all off season to the forced Eli(te) conversation, and off-season super bowl champs chatter. Not me, there’s only one New York team in Blue and they play in Orchard Park!


20. Packers (5-7-1)

The Joe Philbin Packers shocked the world in a home win over the terrible Falcons. Okay I lied, but they did win.


21. Broncos (6-7)

What a difference a week of injuries makes. The Broncos suddenly look flat and lifeless and could well have slipped out of the playoff race.

22. Jets (4-9)

Looked to be put away by the Bills for 3.5 quarters, until Darnold got hot and stuck it to the suddenly injury and penalty stricken Bills. Good on em!

23. Lions (5-8)

Call up Dorothy, Tin Man, and Scarecrow… these cowardly Lions just want to go home.



24. Buccaneers (5-8)

Can the Bucs get to 8-8 and somehow appear respectable? If they do is it only a mirage? So many questions, so little demand for answers. Join the SEC and stop bothering us!



25. Falcons (4-9)

Slow, unimaginative, without urgency, predictable, and one dimensional. All things a team that plays in a dome on turf should never be, for shame sir!



26. Reds
kins (6-7)

Man I just feel bad for these guys.



27. Bengals (5-8)

Some punctures erupt with a loud bang and it’s over. Others silently expunge air until nothing but a flat lifeless bag of former potential energy remains. You decide which one these jungle cats are.



28. Bills (4-9)

If Darnold and Allen Square off regularly for years to come, the Bills must pray that Allen can be a better passer than Darnold, instead of a better runner than Crowell or face continued irrelevance.


29. Jaguars (4-9)

If someone vomited in the giant chlorine tank at Everbank field it would be less repulsive than the performance of these guys this year. I blame Coughlin and I want answers.


30. Raiders (3-10)

Is this an awesome win for the Raydaz or a terrible loss for the Steelers? Both? I don’t know, or care. But Carr is looking good.



31. 49ers (3-10)

George Kittle.


32. Cardinals (3-10)

I’ve loved doing these rankings all season and watching “highlights” on NFL game pass, with the exception of five teams. The Cardinals are first amongst that five.



Dean played offensive and defensive line for the Leicester Longhorns (née Lightning) 2004-2008, specialising in iron-man football and team captain duties whilst completing his degree in American Studies at Leicester Uni.

In 2012-2013 he teamed up with his old coach Duncan Burford for more Uniball with the Westminster Dragons, coaching the o-line running the triple option and as assistant offensive coordinator.

Dean loves all things pig-skin as a welcome break from his job managing a hospital. He lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and two sons. He is an avid Buffalo Bills fan… so, nobody’s perfect.




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1