NFL Power Rankings | Week Seven

Another addition to our NFL coverage this season, writer Dean Malpass has joined Team DC to share how he see things stacking up in the Big League this season, with full 32-team Power Rankings each week! 

Dean’s no stranger to a pigskin, having played and coached as part of the Britball Nation – where does he see each team stacking up following some of the nailbiters in Week Seven?


1. Rams (7-0)

Another week, another win for the dominant Rams keeping them atop these rankings. Right now I can’t see anyone other than the Chiefs beating them. Guess what? Week 11 they go head to head in Mexico, Arriba!

2. Chiefs (6-1)

Crushed the Bengals in a rebound win in dominant fashion. Right now there’s the Rams & Chiefs and then everybody else. Don’t believe me? Check out their DVOA efficiencies!

3. Patriots (5-2)

Continue winning in true Patriots fashion, but the score lines are very unlike them. A strong running game will help shield the porous defence.

4. Saints (5-1)

A magical record-breaking start to the season for Brees and the Saints.

He’d never beaten the Ravens…until Sunday.




5. Steelers (3-2-1)




6. Chargers (5-2)

Dominated the first half at Wembley, then almost lost after a mediocre second half. Without Melvin Gordon this team isn’t nearly as good (shocker!).

7. Vikings (4-2-1)

Continue with their dominant form and seem to have hit their stride as we enter the business end of the regular season. Excluding the Rams, who in the NFC should they fear?



8. Ravens (4-3)

Went toe-to-toe with the flying Saints only to lose on a missed PAT must have the Ravens feeling sick.

They’ll need to get well soon to emerge from the competitive AFC North.


9. Panthers (4-2)

Awoke from their 3-quarter slumber to suckerpunch the Eagles. Playing ugly and earning wins is great playoff preparation.


10. Bengals (4-3)

Since dominating the Ravens on TNF, it’s now clear that this team can’t hang with the best in the AFC and will need to fight to make the wildcard matchup we all love. That’s right baby BENGALS @ TEXANS Wild Card weekend, who’s with me?!

11. Packers (3-2-1)



12. Bears (3-3)

Need to start winning games they lead in especially against quality teams.

The Bears need to figure out if they want to be Grizzlies or Koalas

13. Redskins (4-2)

Aha! After weeks of trying, I finally picked these guys on the right side of the result. They now control the NFC East.



14. Eagles (3-4)

Had the game against the Panthers well in hand for 3 quarters, only to lose it in the 4th. They aren’t dominant in any phase of the game right now.


15. Lions (3-3)

Big climb up my rankings for the Lions. Went into Miami and snatched away the win. Long-gone are the Lions seasons over by Thanksgiving. The NFC North is tough but I’m moving them up.


16. Dolphins (4-3)

A loss at home will usually see you slide in these rankings, and this is the case here. I won’t overreact and I expect them to finish 2nd in the AFC East.


17. Texans (4-3)

I’ve been so slow to board this train I might have missed my chance. A 4-game winning streak has earned my respect and i’m moving them up. Good job fellas!



18. Broncos (3-4)

Balled-out on both offence and defence in a romping win on the road on a short week against the Cardinals. To me this team is the epitome of an average team and returns as my prime meridian of quality…8-8 get excited folks!


19. Seahawks (3-3)



20. Falcons (3-4)

Moving up but you don’t get style points for edging the Giants here. What do you want, a lollipop?



21. Cowboys (3-4)

The 20-17 loss to the Redskins was the epitome of this Cowboys regime, playing just well enough to lose. Tough to get excited about this team.



22. Titans (3-4)

Finally moved the ball on offence and made some nice plays on D.

Couldn’t convert it into a win so I’m keeping them low.


23. Buccaneers (3-3)

Cometh the hour, cometh the Catanzaro! Dropping the 59-yard overtime FG for a walk-off win is great…

It’d be better if it wasn’t against the Browns.


24. Jaguars (3-4)

A Jaguars-supporting friend of mine texted me during this game:

“We need to trade for a QB, Bortles is benched!”

My reply:

“Does Bortles play defence too?”

Jags fans might need to face it that last year was their year and they didn’t make it.

25. Colts (2-5)

Smashed the Bills in all phases of the game. Luck attacked the red zone early and often, with the aggression of an agitated pit viper!



26. Jets (3-4)

Once again the football cognoscenti fancied an inferior team (Jets) to beat a far better team (Vikings) and just like last week with the Browns game it didn’t happen.

Good job you don’t listen to them and read my rankings or you’d feel like a right ‘nana!

27. Browns (2-4-1)

My patience with these guys has worn out. The talking-heads will keep rolling out the cliches but this team does not deserve your continued attention except for fantasy purposes.

28. Giants (1-6)

Another loss for Big Blue must surely be the end of their hopes this year.

Time to tank for a high draft pick? The computer says “Yes”.


29. Cardinals (1-6)

This game against the Broncos was over by the 3rd quarter in a game where Josh Rosen was a turnover factory, and their defence made the Broncos look like the Chiefs on offence. Tell the chef, this team is cooked!


30. 49ers (1-6)

A lost season with only the Cardinals as a realistic win left on the schedule.


31. Bills (2-5)

I watch all their games so you don’t have to and I’ve seen some pretty putrid Bills offences over the years (hello JP Losman) but this is the worst I’ve witnessed. I don’t see another W on their schedule.

32. Raiders (1-5)



Dean played offensive and defensive line for the Leicester Longhorns (née Lightning) 2004-2008, specialising in iron-man football and team captain duties whilst completing his degree in American Studies at Leicester Uni.

In 2012-2013 he teamed up with his old coach Duncan Burford for more uniball with the Westminster Dragons, coaching the o-line running the triple option and as assistant offensive coordinator.

Dean loves all things pig-skin as a welcome break from his job managing a hospital. He lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and two sons. He is an avid Buffalo Bills fan… so, nobody’s perfect.




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1