Northants Knights Announce Associate Game Eligibility

The Northants Knights have announced they have received official notice from the British American Football Association of their eligibility to get their associate campaign underway – participating in five associate fixtures in order to qualify for league entry in 2020!

This makes the Knights the third associate programme to have reached this stage of the enhanced BAFA associate process in 2019, meaning potentially we could see the Adult National Leagues grow substantially by the time the 2020 season gets underway!

The Knights shared on their Facebook page:

“We are very pleased to announce that we have officially been granted Associate status by BAFA! The club has now been granted the right to play full games.

We are now only a few steps away from joining the league.

It has been a long road for the club, but through a lot of hard work and dedication we have almost achieved what we set out to do more than 3 years ago. Thank you, everyone, for supporting and believing in the club this far!

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The Knights join the Etone Jaguars and Hereford Stampede as associate teams now able to compete against other BAFA outfits in the three home, and two away, fixtures necessary to qualify for league status in 2020.

Teams interested in assisting the Knights in completing their associate campaign can contact the programme via their Facebook page.




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