Opal Series 2018 | Tournament One Results

The opening weekend of Opal 2018 got off with a bang – with some big scorelines to headline an impressive first day of fixtures!

In the North some clear frontrunners have emerged as the East Kilbride Pirates and Sheffield Giants both emerged undefeated from their first forays of the series – both coming away with four comfortable looking wins to kickstart their campaigns.

Meanwhile in the South it’s looking unerringly similar to seasons past, as the Coventry Cougars have immediately leapt out to a big lead atop the conference with three easy wins to open their title defence – including over two outfits that looked like potentially rivals coming into the series – the Hyde Park Renegades and recently-returned Black Widows.


Opal North Tournament One Results:

Chorley Buccaneers 14-6 Nottingham Gold
Chorley Buccaneers 41-7 Nottingham Green
East Kilbride Pirates 47-0 Sheffield Hallam Warriors
Sheffield Giants 67-0 Sheffield Hallam Warriors
Nottingham Green 13-19 Manchester Titans
Manchester Titans 13-53 Sheffield Hallam Warriors
East Kilbride Pirates 70-0 Nottingham Green
East Kilbride Pirates 20-7 Nottingham Gold
Nottingham Gold 7-12 Manchester Titans
East Kilbride Pirates 80-0 Sheffield Hallam Rangers
Sheffield Giants 74-0 Sheffield Hallam Rangers
Manchester Titans 31-12 Sheffield Hallam Rangers
Nottingham Green 0-74 Sheffield Giants
Chorley Buccaneers 26-0 Sheffield Hallam Rangers
Chorley Buccaneers 7-32 Sheffield Hallam Warriors
Nottingham Gold 0-67 Sheffield Giants

Opal South Tournament One Results:

Hyde Park Renegades 52-6 Staffordshire Saxons
Coventry Cougars Juniors 27-32 Hyde Park Renegades
Coventry Cougars Juniors 6-63 Coventry Cougars
Portsmouth Dreadnoughts 31-6 Staffordshire Saxons
Portsmouth Dreadnoughts 15-6 Warwick Wolverines
Coventry Cougars Juniors 46-6 Warwick Wolverines
Portsmouth Dreadnoughts 12-52 Black Widows
Black Widows 38-0 Staffordshire Saxons
Warwick Wolverines 0-14 Black Widows
Coventry Cougars 58-6 Hyde Park Renegades
Coventry Cougars 52-0 Black Widows


Full results and standings can be found at on our Opal Series page.

Or check out this awesome video via the Opal Series Facebook page:




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