#Opal17 | Who’s headed where in the Opal Finals 2017?

Saturday saw the final fixtures of the ‘regular season’ of the Opal Series, and all fifteen teams are now locked in place for their postseason activities, coming up on Saturday 2 December in Sheffield.

Let’s take a look at who’s headed to which of the three postseason tournaments, and how the Round One fixtures seem to be squaring up!

N.B. These seedings and match ups are DblCoverage.com’s best interpretation of how things are shaping up ahead of the Opal Series 2017 Final and are in no way official confirmations of either seedings or Opal 4 fixtures. These will be released by BAFA Women’s Football.

Final Standings

In the Northern Conference a crucial win for the Sheffield Giants over the East Kilbride Pirates gives the Giants a three point advantage in the head-to-head between the two sides, and slides Sheffield into the #1 seed in the North.

The Chorley Buccaneers had a chance to leapfrog the Hallam Warriors into the #3 seed on Saturday, but a loss to Nottingham Gold sees them tie the Warriors’ 5-4-1 record, with the 2016 Runners Up holding the head to head thanks to their Tournament One victory over the Bucs.

Unable to pick up a W so far this series, the Nottingham Green team heads to the Bronze tournament.

TeamGames WonLossTiePforPagtPoint DifferentialRanking Points
Sheffield Giants (C)109104595840128
East Kilbride Pirates (G)109103314828328
Hallam Warriors (G)10541173170321
Chorley Buccaneers (G)105411611293221
Nottingham Gold (S)10370122261-13916
Hallam Rangers (S)10370107329-22216
Nottingham Green (B)10010012370-35810

Meanwhile, in the Southern Conference, the Hyde Park Renegades handed the Coventry Cougars their first regular season defeat in… well, at least as long as we’ve been covering Opal! The clutch performance means an undefeated series so far for the rookie Renegades and pushes them into the #1 seed going into the Gold tourney.

The London Warriors fell short to the Cougars seniors for a second time this series, but they took a narrow 14-7 win away from the Coventry Cougars Youth that secured the #3 spot from the south thanks to holding the head-to-head over the young Cougars, who tied up their season 6-3 thanks to a single safety – edging a 2-0 win over the Dreadnoughts Grey to round out their regular series.

The Iceni Spears continued to struggle to put up points, and following a convincing victory by the Greys in the Dreadnought Derby, look to join the Dreadnoughts Blue in the Bronze tournament.

TeamGames WonLossTiePforPagtPoint DifferentialRanking Points
Hyde Park Renegades (C)99003088322527
Coventry Cougars (G)98105256446125
London Warriors (G)963028816012821
Coventry Cougars Youth (G)963022311011321
Dreadnoughts Grey (S)9360170145-7515
Wembley Stallions (S)9360152275-12315
Dreadnoughts Blue (B)918044438-39411
Iceni Spears (B)909024384-3609
Opal Finals Fixtures

As such, based on the above, we see the first round of fixtures shaping up something like this:

Gold Tournament (1st -8th) Round One

  • Sheffield Giants vs Coventry Cougars Youth
  • Hyde Park Renegades vs Chorley Buccaneers
  • East Kilbride Pirates vs London Warriors
  • Coventry Cougars vs Sheffield Hallam Warriors

The obvious highlight here is a a repeat of last year’s National Final in the opening round, as the Hallam Warriors and Coventry Cougars face off!

Silver Tournament (9th-12th) Round Robin Fixtures

  • Nottingham Gold vs Wembley Stallions
  • Dreadnoughts Grey vs Sheffield Hallam Rangers
  • Nottingham Gold vs Sheffield Hallam Rangers
  • Dreadnoughts Grey vs Wembley Stallions
  • Nottingham Gold vs Dreadnoughts Grey
  • Sheffield Hallam Rangers vs Wembley Stallions

Bronze Tournament (13th-15th) Round Robin Fixtures

  • Dreadnoughts Blue vs Nottingham Green
  • Iceni Spears vs Nottingham Green
  • Dreadnoughts Blue vs Iceni Spears

Who do you think are favourites for this years Opal Championship?

Can the Cougars bounce back to retain their title? Are the rookie Renegades too hot to stop heading into the finals? Or might the Giants from the North be the team to watch when the top women’s flag teams square off in December?




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