OV Exiles vs Einherjar to be streamed – Full Roster Announced!

The OV Exiles’ upcoming fixture against Iceland’s Reykjavik Einherjar will be streamed live on http://sporttv.is/ on Saturday evening.

The combo-Britball roster take flight to Iceland today to play against Iceland’s only American Football team.


The full roster of Britballers taking to the field tomorrow has been confirmed:


Nick Jacquet – London Warriors
Sam Foulds – Doncaster Mustangs


Ben Cockin – Ouse Valley Eagles
Curtis Williston – Berkshire Renegades
Jamie Harris – Ouse Valley Eagles
Matt Teal – Birmingham Bulls
Steven Hull – London Warriors
Dwayne Watson – London Warriors


Adam Foulds – Doncaster Mustangs
Pete Loughran – Craigavon Cowboys


Deivydas Merkelis – Sheffield Giants
Joe Cameron – Solent Thrashers
Josh Polson – Glasgow Tigers
Ryan Bowtell – Ouse Valley Eagles
Sean Douglas – Dublin Rebels
Tayo Adeleye – University of Hull Sharks
TJ Ajayi – Hertfordshire Cheetahs
Troy Mayer – Ouse Valley Eagles
Kenneth Muir – East Kilbride Pirates


Andrew Higgott – Chester Romans
Jacob Corbett – Ouse Valley Eagles
James Barber – Tamworth Phoenix
James Busby – Ouse Valley Eagles
Michael Briscoe – Merseyside Nighthawks
Mike Ireland – Chester Romans
Sam Astley – Sandwell Steelers
Stuart Gallagher – East Kilbride Pirates
Danny Cousins – Ouse Valley Eagles


Andy Oliver – Ouse Valley Eagles
Bryan Mullally – Ouse Valley Eagles
Connor Lunn – Bury Saints
Garvin Yarde – Ouse Valley Eagles
Sam Banner – Sandwell Steelers
Andrew Steadman – London Warriors
Scott Gale – Ouse Valley Eagles


Carl Rugen – Merseyside Nighthawks
Gareth Pullen – Ouse Valley Eagles
Jamahl Watson – Ouse Valley Eagles
Kalaba Chibwe – Ouse Valley Eagles
Malcolm LaLonde – Ouse Valley Eagles
Neil Graham – Belfast Trojans
Blair McTague – East Kilbride Pirates
Naiam Campbell – London Warriors
Andrew McGowan – East Kilbride Pirates


Alex Kusimirek – Belfast Trojans
Harry Rackham – Ouse Valley Eagles
Jack Davis-Fletcher – Kent Exiles
Jonny Weekes – Chester Romans
Krzysztof Kucharski – Ouse Valley Eagles
Michael Kane – Belfast Trojans
Mike Turner – Ouse Valley Eagles
Rob Hardwick – Nottingham Caesars
Sam Busher – Sandwell Steelers
Samuel Obi – London Warriors


Andy Cox – Ouse Valley Eagles
Gary Villiers – Cambridge University Pythons
Jon Chilton – Ouse Valley Eagles
Kevin Kong – Ouse Valley Eagles
Neale McMaster – Ouse Valley Eagles
Will Walsh – Ouse Valley Eagles
Nick Tilbury – Ouse Valley Eagles
Martin Day – Ouse Valley Eagles
Mark Pagett – Birmingham Bulls




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1