Power Rankings | BAFA NL Adult Premiership: Week Thirteen

Power Rankings are here once again following an exciting Week Thirteen!

And, as noted we’re doing things differently for 2018!

We’re collating this year’s rankings via a completely new format – polling not only our own BAFA National Leagues team of correspondents but also giving all of our passionate Patreon supporters the opportunity to determine how these rankings stack up!

Each contributor submitted their own picks of who’s top dogs in each tier, and then we tallied it all up to create these amalgamated rankings!

Once again, this new format of selecting the top ten teams in each tier is proving tempestuous!

12. Bury Saints ( = )

The Saints remain rock bottom, but still have some opportunities to salvage a bit of pride from their campaign with three fixtures still on the slate, none of which are against the two big London outfits.

They head to Farnham this Sunday.


11. Farnham Knights ( Down One )

Speaking of the Knights, it looks like the Power Rankings pollsters took none-too-kindly to Farnham’s ‘Tactical Forfeit’ this past weekend, dropping the one-win Farnham below the winless Pirates in rankings!

Their top tier status is still be be secured, but the rookie-heavy team can take a big step in the right direction if they subdue the Saints this Sunday.

10. East Kilbride Pirates ( Up One )

The Pirates sail back into the top ten! Though, frustratingly for the Scottish programme, it’s likely through no action of their own as, despite being on a bye in Week Thirteen, their relegation from the top tier was locked in regardless, following the Nighthawks’ victory over the Wolves.

They head south to take on the said-same Nighthawks this Sunday, and with neither side having a lot to play for we’re personally hoping to see the two sides bust out a bunch of trick plays and put on a show this Sunday.


9. Edinburgh Wolves ( Down Two )

A disappointing loss for the Wolves drops them two spots in the rankings.

Though they’re still in with a shot at the second-place postseason berth, they’re now going to need some help from elsewhere to make it happen… and the fact they have their second leg against the Phoenix this weekend is unlikely to do their postseason aspirations any favours.

8. Merseyside Nighthawks ( Up One )

With their win over the Wolves the Nighthawks top tier status is confimed for another season! However, while they’re still in with a shot of finishing the year .500, their head-to-head disadvantage versus the Titans means playoffs are more than likely beyond their reach, barring a three-or-four-way tie for second place.

They host the Pirates this Sunday in a showdown with not a lot but pride on the line, though we’re hoping that in itself contributes to a great exhibition of the British game.


7. Bristol Aztecs ( Down One )

The Aztecs drop a spot following their loss at the weekend. They travelled shorthanded and paid the price for it, their ‘traditional’ #3 spot in the south suddenly in jeopardy as they’ll require help from elsewhere to stop the Olympians pinching a podium finish in the Prem South!

They host the Warriors this Sunday before heading to a brace of byes.


6. Sheffield Giants ( Down One )

Sheffield slide a spot as another team rocks up the rankings.

The Giants have a crucial fixture at the Titans this Sunday, needing a win to leapfrog into the #2 spot in the North, before rounding out their campaign with fixtures against the Nighthawks and Phoenix.


5. London Olympians ( Up Three )

Big climbers this week, the Os earn their highest ranking of the season so far following their upset victory over the Aztecs last weekend!

It was a dominant outing from the Olympians, who’ve proven this year they were more than ready to make their return to the top tier after a year of D1 balling.

They travel to the Blitz this Sunday, before a couple of byes.


4. Manchester Titans ( = )

Titans remain at four despite the hefty loss to table-topping Tamworth. They at least made the game look competitive… though only for the first quarter.

The loss makes this weekend’s hosting of the Giants a crucial game for the newcomers to the top tier – a win moving them tantalisingly close to securing a postseason at their very first attempt, while a loss could very easily make it a three-way scramble for third place!


3. London Blitz ( = )

The Blitz remain locked in third, having returned to Burgerdom against Bury. They host the Olympians this Sunday, and while the Os will be riding high off their win over Bristol, it’s going to be tough sledging to take that momentum into a W, even against a Blitz outfit that’ll already have half an eye on their Week Eighteen climactic battle against the Warriors.


2. Tamworth Phoenix ( = )

Despite putting 56 on their closest rivals in the Prem North, it wasn’t enough for the Phoenix to reclaim the top spot in the rankings this week – edged out by the Warriors by the slimmest of margins!

They travel up to the Wolves this weekend in a game that almost proved a trap fixture for them in 2017.

A win will seal the deal on the Prem North title for 2018.

1. London Warriors ( = )

A frustrated Warriors see a second team bow out of their fixture against the dominant London outfit as Farnham opt for a ‘Tactical Forfeit’ rather than take the field in Week Thirteen.

Still, it means they’ll travel to Bristol with fresh legs this weekend.



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