Phil Wood Resigns as BUCS Sports Advisory Group Chairman

Following the controversy and confusion over the past couple of weeks, Phil Wood, Chairman of the BUCS American Football Sports Advisory Group, resigned from his role.

Coach Wood, who led the University of Nottingham through their transition into a middle-tier powerhouse last year before stepping away at the end of the season, shared the following with DC:

“I chose to step down as BUCS American Football SAG Chair as I felt I was put in a position that was embarrassing and compromised my integrity amongst the American Football community.

I have always tried to do what is best for the sport and thought that the work Russ, myself and the rest of the SAG over the last three years established a stable platform for American Football in BUCS. I believe we helped produce a product at the top of the structure which is a fantastic representation for British University American Football.

I was exceptionally disheartened when as Sports Advisory Group chair I was not consulted with or included in decisions made by the BUCS Office that significantly impacted the sport this year. Hence, I was put in an untenable position.

I would like to go on record to thank Russ Hewitt for all he has done in the time I have worked with him. Russ does an incredible job in a voluntary capacity, which I think he does not get enough credit for.

If only everyone knew what happens behind the scenes, they would not be so quick to pass judgment and give him a tough time. Finally, I would like to thank all those that served on the SAG in my time and apologise to the American Football community for not being able to deliver fully on what I set out to do based on the feedback we received.”

Backlash against BUCS’ recent decisions continues to burn brightly, including massive disappointment when the majority of Division One Final Sixteen postseason fixtures were awarded as walkovers by BUCS’ ruling yesterday.





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