Playoff formats clarification for #Britball17 – U17 & U19

While we’re still waiting for all dates and venues to be confirmed, let’s take a look at how many teams, from where, are headed to the postseason later this year!

Under 17

Seven conferences means this one required some lateral thinking, but all in all we see something very similar to the 2016 format:

  • EIGHT teams will head to national championship finals.
  • EIGHT teams will have to national plate finals.

These teams will be as follows:

Seven conference champions plus top second place will head to championship tournament (date and venue TBC).

Six second place teams and top two third place teams will head to plate tournament (date and venue TBC).

Tie breakers will be competitive record and points conceded.

Under 19

Some amendments here as we apparently can’t read very well :p

The Under 19 game is in a difficult state this season, with many teams dropping out ahead of their campaigns getting underway. This led to the odd situation of having only 16 teams across two conferences – nine in the north and seven in the south and with many teams being assigned fixtures against associate teams – Under 19 sides who were unable to muster a roster a large enough to complete a full season in the league.

As such, the playoff format is as follows:

FOUR teams from each conference will see postseason football.

First and second place teams from each conference will go head to head as not all teams in each conference play one another. This determines the true #1 team in the north and south respectively, which will head to Britbowl to play one another. The losers of these head to head match ups will then head to the plate final.

Third and fourth place teams from each conference to compete in a new ‘trophy’ playoffs.

The playoff format will see the sides from each conference play one another in a semi-finals fixture, before a National final for both Championship and Plate between the top team from the south, and the top team from the north.

Championship Semi-Finals:

North 1 vs North 2

South 1 vs South 2

Winner North vs Winner South.
Fixture to be played ahead of Adult Britbowl XXXI National Championship game, Saturday 26 August

Plate Final:
Loser North vs loser South
Fixture to be played ahead of Adult Division One Championship game, Sunday 27 August.

Regional Trophy Finals:

North 3 vs North 4

South 3 vs South 4






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