POTY – A Closer Look: London Warriors

At a glance:
  • Adult – (10-0) National Champions for the fourth time in a row!
  • Junior – (4-2) #3 in South One, ranked seventh nationally
  • Youth – (7-5) #2 London South East Conference, ranked sixth in National Plate
  • Women’s – (8-0) Sapphire Series Division Two South Champions!
  • Offer a full spread of Britball opportunities, from Cadets, through the flag game, up to Premiership games with the adults, with great integration between the different components of the programme.

If you want a road map as to how to build a successful Britball programme in the UK? Look no further than the London Warriors.

Image courtesy of Ken Sparks @ Ken Sparks Photography.
Image courtesy of Ken Sparks @ Ken Sparks Photography.

2016 saw the Warriors achieve their fourth Adult National Championship in a row, and while there’s been some nail-biters in the past? This year their Adult team were arguably the most dominant team in all of Britball through 2016.

With only two games out of twelve not featuring a mercy clock, the Warriors had an average scoreline this season of 48 – 4 and left people asking – well, what are they doing differently that’s allowed them to get so far ahead of the competition?

A big part of it’s the philosophy around which the team is based.

The old adage in Britball is that good programmes know that ‘every Adult team should have a Youth team.’

Pictures courtesy of John Singer via ColchesterGladiators.com
Pictures courtesy of John Singer via ColchesterGladiators.com

According to Warriors HC, Tony Allen, they’re doing this the wrong way around: For the Warriors, their belief is that every Youth team should have an Adult team.

The Warriors were born as a Juniors team that decided to stick together and strike out on their own, so perhaps it’s no surprise that they’re one of the most skilled at the continual development of playmakers.

Offering a range of six formats of football in South London (Cadet, Youth Flag, Youth Contact, Junior, Women’s, Adult), the Warriors ensure great integration between their teams by hosting their main weekly training session for all levels at one facility, different stages of the programme training within sight of one another.

With experience at the top flight of the sport, Coach Allen has put together a talented staff that works to be a true programme, wherein athletes enter, are enhanced by their experiences, and develop as both sportspersons and team mates.

Add on the way that the London Warriors’ Women were perhaps even more dominant than their Adult side in their first Sapphire Series, going 8-0 with 398 points scored and only 6 points against?!? Any many are already talking about the Warriors as potential rivals for the Birmingham Lions come Sapphire 2017!

All in all, you’d struggle to find a football programme in finer form in 2016.


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