Power Rankings | BAFA National Leagues, Division One: Week Sixteen

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We’re working on lots of other video bits this week so we’re keeping things retro for yet another week!

 Caesars 2016 LNewcastle Vikings L

Cut: Nottingham Caesars, Newcastle Vikings

Despite a 7-0 start to their campaign the Caesars will not be seeing postseason football once again this year – this owes a lot to the fact that through their final four fixtures of the season their offence posted up a mere 13 points – including two straight shut outs to round out the year.

Similarly the Vikings’ year ended with disappointment as the Yorkshire Rams dominated the third and final meeting between the two teams, taking a 30-points-clear victory away from the game, despite the two sides running each other very close in their previous two meetings.

An ignominious end to the year for both sides who had put themselves in strong playoff-contention positions.

Oxford Saints L

10. Oxford Saints (Re-Entry)

The Saints earn themselves a spot in the final Division One Rankings of the year, mostly due to the fact with like the cut of their jib – the manner via which they eeked a narrow season-saving win against the Ouse Valley Eagles – a final minutes field goal sees them round out the year at .500.

Even so, looking a shoe in for postseason football at the mid point of the year? The Saints will be eager to figure out what went amiss.

London Hornets L

9. London Hornets (Re-Entry)

The Hornets did what they had to do when they had to do it. A loss on Sunday could well have seen them playing Div Two ball once again, instead a comprehensive shut out victory over the Gladiators sees them only a half a game outside of a postseason berth!

…Which tells you just how confusing the SFC1East was this season!

Kent Exiles L

8. Kent Exiles -1


Talking about the confounding SFC1East, the Exiles lost out in a narrow game against the Cats on Sunday, but knew they’d locked up postseason balling nonetheless.

Not often you see a team head to the postseason with only five and a half wins on the year, and a loss to round out the regular season will have done little for their momentum – were they simply resting starters ready to surprise this weekend when they face the Thunder?

Solent Thrashers L

7. Solent Thrashers +1


Thrashers needed only to avoid a loss against the Warriors on Sunday to secure their postseason berth, but instead a strong second half performance sees them hit the postseason off the back of two of their strongest offensive outputs of the year.

Over 80 points in their last two outings stands them in good stead as they travel to the Olympians this Sunday.

London Olympians L

6. London Olympians =


We couldn’t fathom reasons to really shake things up from here on out. The O’s might have finished their year on a bum note with a loss to the Exiles, but they’ll head into playoffs fresh off a bye and with home field advantage to face the Thrashers.


Sandwell Steelers L

5. Sandwell Steelers =


The Steelers saved their skin, and with style in their 21 to zip shutout of the Caesars.

Riding four straight wins to found out the year, their midseason slump appears behind them and their D back to form – conceding just two score in four outings.

The biggest query is likely whether their offence has the firepower to keep pace with the Titans.

Yorkshire Rams L

4. Yorkshire Rams =


The Rams round out their season in style with a big win over the Vikings who had run them close in both previous meetings.

Even so, they’ll need every bit of the offensive firepower they showed in Week Sixteen as they face the high-flying Falcons on Sunday.

Sussex Thunder L

3. Sussex Thunder =

The only perfect team in Division One heads to playoffs off a bye week and is looking hot favourites to best the Exiles this Sunday – only a single Conference Correspondent picking against the SFC1Central champs.
Manchester Titans L

2. Manchester Titans =


The Titans wrapped up their regular season in style but Sunday might be their biggest challenge to date – a repeat fixture of their 2016 playoff match up.

In a reverse of this bout, the Steelers hosted the Titans and ran away with a 35-24 win over the Manchester side… Will the Titans find vengeance on Sunday? They’ve certainly displayed the firepower to outpace the Steelers if they play to form, but might Sandwell’s Steel Curtain have something to say about that?

Leicester Falcons L

1. Leicester Falcons =


Back to back conference titles, and now the Falcons have their sights set on back to back regional titles and back to back promotion.

They rounded out the year with their biggest offensive output of the season – using timeouts and their superb aerial attack to polish off the regular season with their first fifty burger of the season!

They host the Rams in the only quarter-finals match up predicted as a white wash!




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