Power Rankings | BAFA National Leagues, Division Two: Week Fifteen

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We’re working on lots of other video bits this week so we’re keeping things retro once again!

Not a lot of fixtures this past week, so don’t expect a lot of movement…

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts L

10. Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

Whoa. Where the fudge did that come from!?

Fair enough Pompey had been putting in good performances of late – riding two straight wins and putting in their first #50Burger of the year against Hastings in Week Eleven.

And sure, a couple of bye weeks meant they were coming into the game healthy… but still!

With hefty losses against the Berkshire Renegades in both meetings between the two sides, the presumption was the Dreadnoughts would be outpaced and outclassed against a Cheetahs side that didn’t look like it’d broken a sweat so far this year.

Well, we all know how that went – and now with another shot at the Cheetahs still ahead of them, suddenly the Dreadnoughts are looking like real playoff contenders in the SFC2South.

They host Hastings this weekend in what should be their seventh win of the year.

East Kent Mavericks L

9. East Kent Mavericks =


Another hard fought win for the Mavericks keeps them hot on the heels of the Stallions in the SFC2East, but we’d have still liked to see something more convincing from the East Kent side if we were to believe they’re capable of poaching the conference crown when the two sides meet in Week Seventeen.

The Mavs head to Essex this Sunday in the second of four straight fixtures that will test their roster’s depth and resilience.

Hertfordshire Cheetahs L

8. Hertfordshire Cheetahs  -4

They can call us fake news on this one if they like, but really the Cheetahs only have themselves to blame here.

Undefeated conference crown contenders who’ve sat in the #1 spot in the rankings for much of the season are not supposed to lose to unranked programmes!

Certainly it doesn’t bode well for the Hertfordshire side who know face their toughest rivals, the Berkshire Renegades, this weekend.

A loss could well put the Cheetah’s title, and even playoff aspirations in general, in jeopardy.

Gateshead Senators L

7. Gateshead Senators =

Gateshead stay seated in the number seven spot. They face impressive rookies, Morecambe Bay, this Sunday – a great opportunity to build momentum against tough opposition ahead of their crunch-time match up against the Leeds Bobcats to round out the year!

Glasgow Tigers

6. Glasgow Tigers +3


Now THAT’s the sorta scoreline we expect from a conference champ!

The Tiger’s 34 to zip win over the Hunters powers them up the Power Rankings finally, and with only the Hunters once again remaining on their regular season schedule? The Glaswegians should head to the postseason with great momentum.



Berkshire Renegades L

5. Berkshire Renegades +1


91 points.


Renegades climb and, no surprises, are favourites now heading into their second match up of the year against the Hertfordshire Cheetahs. A win’ll see them slip into the #1 spot in the SFC2South and also likely into our top three!

Bristol Apache L

4. Bristol Apache +1


It wasn’t always pretty, but it was certainly effective – the Apache lock up the SFC2West Conference crown with a win over the Storm.

They head to a bye before rounding out their year with two home fixtures against Worcestershire and Torbay – two game that they’ll hope provide opportunities to enter the postseason at full pace.

Leeds Bobcats L

3. Leeds Bobcats =


The Bobcats will likely be a bit gutted that this weekend’s fixture against the Raiders has been called off – an opportunity to take the lead in our Burger stakes missed, and also means they’ll have had three straight weeks without a game heading into the top of the table clash against Gateshead in Week Eighteen.

Even so, the walkover moves them to nine wins on the year, and they’ll have extra time to bring players back from injury.

Wembley Stallions L

2. Wembley Stallions =


Second straight bye for the Stallions who know they’ve secured playoff balling.

They return to face the Mavericks in Week Seventeen with an opportunity to lock up the top spot in the SFC2East.

Shropshire Revolution L

1. Shropshire Revolution =


And the Revolution remain in the top spot as they head to the Crewe Railroaders this Sunday. An undefeated season beckons short of some significant upsets in Shropshire’s last two outings of the regular season…




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