Power Rankings | BAFA National Leagues, Division Two: Week Fourteen

Hello BritballNation!

We’re working on lots of other video bits this week so we’re keeping things retro once again!

Not a lot of fixtures this past week, so don’t expect a lot of movement…

East Kent Mavericks L

10. East Kent Mavericks =

EKM hold firm in #1 following a bye.  They return for their second leg fixture against the London Blitz B this Sunday, and should they play the entirety of this game like they played the second half when last these two teams met?

Expect the Mavs to climb the ranks finally!

Two halves like the first half however… :/

Glasgow Tigers

9. Glasgow Tigers =


Tigers return from a pair of byes to face the Hunters this Sunday – and in fact for a third time as well in Week Seventeen.

While they’ve sealed the deal on the NFC2North Title, these meetings against the rookie Hunters are far from a foregone conclusion – the Hunters missed out by a mere 3 points the last time these teams met back in Week Three, so we could yet see some upsets before the season it out!

Swindon Storm L

8. Swindon Storm (New Entry!)

Expect some very unhappy Cornishmen as the Sharks’ spot is swiped by the Storm, even before the two teams meet once again in Week Seventeen!

The reality is the Swindon side have simply been the more convincing of the two outfits in their recent performances – they’re riding a five game win streak with an average margin of victory of over 35 points per game!

Meanwhile, while the Sharks have been winning, we still expected something more from them when taking on the one win Jurassic Coast Raptors in their last two outings.

All that said, it’s definitely advantage Sharks at the moment. The Storm would have to overturn a 35 point deficit to the Sharks to steal the head-to-head at this point in the season… Which means their fixture against the undefeated Apache this Sunday becomes almost essential if the Storm intend to swipe a postseason spot from the Sharks before the year is out!

Gateshead Senators L

7. Gateshead Senators =

Gateshead stay seated in the number seven spot. They have yet another bye this weekend, before returning against Morecambe Bay in Week Sixteen, having built up a month of rust in the meantime.

Berkshire Renegades L

6. Berkshire Renegades =


Berkshire host Maidstone this Sunday in what should be a great opportunity to keep hot on the tail of the Cheetahs atop the SFC2South.

Bristol Apache L

5. Bristol Apache -1


The undefeated Apache tumble a little further still as other teams impress.

They’ve got the talent on their roster to round out the year undefeated, but certainly seemed to struggle to bring it to bear against the Trojans in Week Thirteen.

Facing a Swindon Storm with great momentum at their backs this Sunday, any kind of under-performance from the Tribe is likely to be punished.

Hertfordshire Cheetahs L

4. Hertfordshire Cheetahs  -1


Ah nuts.. they’re going to call us fake news AGAIN!

The Cheetahs slide some more thanks to the impressive performances from other top teams in Division Two… and worse still, they’re now tied by another team atop the Burger Rankings!

They host the Dreadnoughts on Sunday, but it’s their Week Sixteen match up against the Renegades that we have circled on our calendars.

Leeds Bobcats L

3. Leeds Bobcats +2


And the Bobcats breach the top three finally! We asked whether they would handle Morecambe Bay better at the second opportunity, and their answer was incredibly convincing – blowing away the Storm 66-8 for their fourth #50burger of the year and currently the most points scored in the entire Britball Nation so far this summer!

They head to a bye, before returning against the Rookie Knottingley Raiders.

Wembley Stallions L

2. Wembley Stallions =

Another nice win for the Stallions, this their fifth shut out of the season, sixth with not a single TD conceded.

A pair of byes beckon, but they can lock up their conference crown when they return against the Mavericks in Week Sixteen.

Shropshire Revolution L

1. Shropshire Revolution =


And the Revs hold the top spot for another week following a very convincing victory over the Chester Romans!

The win crowned them as conference champs, and now only the one-win-a-piece Crewe Railroaders and Humber Warhawks stand between the Revs and a perfect season.




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