Power Rankings | BAFA National Leagues, Division Two: Week Sixteen

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We’re working on lots of other video bits this week so we’re keeping things retro once again!

Not a lot of fixtures this past week, so don’t expect a lot of movement…

East Kent Mavericks L

Cut: East Kent Mavericks

If the Mavs were going to look likely have having a chance of ousting the Stallions from the top spot in the SFC2 East, a narrow loss to the Essex Spartans was NOT the way to build momentum heading into this crucial match up.

Their worst offensive output of the year so far sees the Mavs slip from the rankings.

Hertfordshire Cheetahs L

10. Hertfordshire Cheetahs  -2


They’re guaranteed postseason action thanks to their 7-0 start to the year, but it’s clear the Cheetahs’ season has gone off track of late, with back to back losses.

They head to a bye, before returning to a chance to save some face and climb back up the postseason seedings as they face the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts for a second time.

A second loss likely sees Herts facing head to the postseason off the back of three-straight losses to face an undefeated conference champ.,. far from ideal.

Cornish Sharks LSwindon Storm L

9. Cornish Sharks/Swindon Storm (Re-Entry)



Our rankings, our rules!

Even without either side playing a Week Sixteen fixture we felt one or other of these sides deserved a spot in the rankings…

And we simply couldn’t decide amongst ourselves which.

Luckily enough, the schedule has solved this little problem for us as the two teams go head to head on Sunday! The Storm need the win to contest the number two spot in the West with the Sharks, and they need it to be a big one if they want to go a step further and own the Head to Head.

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts L

8. Portsmouth Dreadnoughts +2


They’re guaranteed postseason balling and Sunday saw them rack up their biggest offensive total of the season – heaving 68 points on the Hastings Conquerors.

The Dreadnoughts head to a bye and then have potential to end their season in style as they face the Cheetahs once again in Week 18.

What’s more, even the Conference Crown isn’t out of reach for Pompey should the Renegades slip up before the season’s out!

Gateshead Senators L

7. Gateshead Senators =

It was a good win for the Senators over the strong rookie outfit from Morecambe Bay – if only it wasn’t overshadowed by conference rivals, the Leeds Bobcats, posting up an even more impressive scoreline against the Storm only a fortnight before.

They have a bye before the conference deciding fixture in Leeds in Week Eighteen.

Glasgow Tigers

6. Glasgow Tigers =


The Tigers wrap up their nine-game season hosting the rookie Dumfries Hunters.

The third meeting of the two sides, the Tigers finally started looking like conference champ material when the two teams met in Week Fifteen.

We’d look to see more of the same on Sunday as while there’s essentially nothing at stake for Glasgow they’ll want to hit the postseason on as hot a streak as possible.

Bristol Apache L

5. Bristol Apache -1


Apache tumble slightly despite locking up their conference crown a couple of weeks ago – but only because other teams are climbing up the ranks.

Expectations are it should be a straight ride to the finish line for the tribe from here, with only the Black Knights and Torbay Trojans standing between them and a perfect season – though it’s worth remembering the Trojans came close to upsetting the Apache in Week Thirteen and have looked on form in recent outings.

Leeds Bobcats L

4. Leeds Bobcats -1

The Bobcats are similarly leap-frogged by impressive performances from other outfits. As we feel like we’ve been saying all season long, their season comes to a crux in Week Eighteen versus the Senators.

Berkshire Renegades L

3. Berkshire Renegades +2




Given an assist by the Dreadnoughts the week before, the Renegades did what needed to be done to swipe the top spot in the SFC2South on Sunday, comfortably besting a Cheetahs side that is looking well off the pace all of a sudden!

They hold their fate in their own hands and need only a win or tie against the Bournemouth Bobcats in Week Eighteen. to round out the year with their second straight SFC2South conference crown!

Wembley Stallions L

2. Wembley Stallions =


It seems like a long-old time since we’ve heard from the Stallions who’ve been quietly dominating the SFC2East.

Their Week Fourteen shutout of the Spartans looks all the more impressive given the Essex side’s subsequent win over the second place Mavericks.

Speaking of, Wembley travel to East Kent this weekend and a win locks up the conference title – might an impressive performance also see them sneak into the #1 spot in our rankings?

Shropshire Revolution L

1. Shropshire Revolution =


They sealed the deal on the conference with weeks to spare, and this Sunday travel to the one-win Humber Warhawks with the opportunity to wrap up their season in style. Eager to snap up the #1 seed in the Northern postseason, expectations are the Revolution will be looking for a fourth straight shut out… and hey, don’t be surprised if they have their eyes set on a fourth burger for the year too.

With the Warhawks struggling in their recent outings, Shropshire’s biggest obstacle might well be complacency so they’ll need to be wary of over-confidence against a Humber outfit that might well be playing with a chip on their collective shoulder (our bad!).




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