Power Rankings | BAFA National Leagues, Division Two: Week Thirteen

Hello BritballNation!

We’re on the road this week and struggling to get our mobile DC Towers to produce the special effects we know you’re used to, so as a stand in we’re turning back time and reverting to text-based rankings following Week Thirteen of the BAFA National Leagues!

East Kent Mavericks L

10. East Kent Mavericks -2

When ranking the Mavs we had to have a little discussion with ourselves about ‘which team’ we were really ranking – the one that went 21 to zip down against the Blitz in the first half? Or the much more impressive outfit that put up 25 unanswered points in the second, to steal the game away with mere seconds on the clock? We compromised and kept the Mavericks ranked, but they’ll almost certainly need a more consistent performance to snatch the conference from the Stallions before the year is out.

Glasgow Tigers

9. Glasgow Tigers +1

Oh hey, the Tigers climb from the 10 spot finally! They’ve locked up their conference crown, and in fairness their second win out of three meetings against the roughnecks was actually pretty convincing.

Even so, despite locking up the conference they’re going to want to keep their momentum going into their final couple of fixtures else risk stumbling into the postseason. Now their position atop the conference is secure, we really want to see some sparks from the Tiger offence ahead of the postseason, else they run the risk of some of the other Northern postseason contenders simply outpacing them come the playoffs.

Cornish Sharks L

8. Cornish Sharks +1

Sharks climb a little and have a chance to continue ascending when they face the Jurassic Coast Raptors again this weekend, this time in the Shark tank. Given the steady improvements from other teams in the conference we’ll be looking for something more convincing from the Cornishment in this fixture, else the Swindon Storm are threatening their #2 spot in the conference.

Gateshead Senators L

7. Gateshead Senators =

Gateshead’s walkover over Nothumberland sees them hold steady in #7, and in fact begins a frustratingly quiet patch of the season for the Senators who won’t return to action until Week Sixteen. Still, even without playing fixtures it’ll be tough to see the undefeated Senators slide any lower down the rankings!

Berkshire Renegades L

6. Berkshire Renegades =

It was a shaky start to the fixture for Berkshire against the Bournemouth Bobcats, as the south coast side matched them blow for blow through the first half. Still, they hit their stride in the second and came away with a nice win.

Still, we’re far from  convinced they’re a match for the conference-leading Cheetahs just yet…

Leeds Bobcats L


5. Leeds Bobcats =

Bobcats stay put in the #5 spot. They return from a pair of byes this weekend against a Morecambe Bay Storm side that pressed them hard a couple of outings ago.

Should the Storm impress once more, even steal a win? Expect to see the rookies feature in these rankings! However, if Leeds put in a convincing performance they’ll certainly be punching for a top three placement in next week’s rankings.

Bristol Apache L

4. Bristol Apache (-3)

Ooo-ee! We spend all that time hyping up Apache’s improving roster, only to see them come inches away from losing to the 2-7 Trojans! Some impressive goal line stands from the D kept the tribe perfect on the year, but it’s a shaky performance that we certainly don’t expect from a team that we had #1 in the Power Rankings!

They head to a bye week to prepare for the on-form looking Swindon Storm who made much shorter work of the Trojans only a couple of weeks ago.

Hertfordshire Cheetahs L

3. Hertfordshire Cheetahs  =

Herts win, and win big, but we were a little surprised not to see yet another #50Burger from the Cheetahs. Close but no Gherkin for the team who still stay again of the pack in the Burgeryest rankings 😉

A bye week beckons, before the Dreadnoughts in Week Fifteen.

Wembley Stallions L

2. Wembley Stallions +2

A nice victory for the Stallions, running clear away from the Spartans in the second half, shunts them back into the top three. They see the return leg, travelling to Essex this Sunday and another big win will likely see them contesting the top spot in the rankings…

Shropshire Revolution L

1. Shropshire Revolution (+1)

For now however the recent strong performances from the Revs and the fall of other squads sees the Shropshire side place themselves a top the rankings without playing a game in Week Thirteen!

They host the Chester Romans this weekend in their biggest fixture of the season – besting the Romans by a mere 3 points when the teams last met, a win here for the Revolution seals the deal on the NFC2South!




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