Power Rankings | BAFA National Leagues, Premiership: Week Fifteen

Hello BritballNation!

We’re working on lots of other video bits this week so we’re keeping things retro for yet another week!

Lancashire Wolverines L

11. Lancashire Wolverines =


Returning from a couple of byes, Lancashire already know they’re playing Div 1 ball next year – but can they save some face in their final two outings in the top tier?

A trip to East Kilbride beckons this weekend, and they competed well for the first two quarters last time they played the Scotsmen – is this their chance to poach a pride win against a Pirates side that’s bloody and bruised from four straight hammerings against Tamworth and Merseyside?

Bury Saints L 2016

10. Bury Saints -2

Oh wow – we didn’t see that one coming!

Yes, Bury have had a rough first year in the top tier and we expected their would be some struggles as their roster took losses in key positions. We expected this would be Farnham’s best chance to sneak a win on the year… but we didn’t expect them to do it with quite so large a margin!

The Saints round out their year against the Aztecs this weekend and for the sake of their roster going into the offseason, and entertaining balling, we hope it’s a more competitive game.

East Kilbride Pirates Black L

9 . East Kilbride Pirates =

Ouch. It’s been a rough few weeks for the Pirates.

Former power house of the Northern Premiership, their last four outings will have been touch to stomach as they took beating after beating at the hands of table topping Tamworth and the high-flying Nighthawks offence.

Playoffs are out of reach following last weekend’s loss, but can they at least secure third place in the conference by winning out the year?

Edinburgh Wolves L

7. Edinburgh Wolves -1

Wolves held their own for most of a quarter during their trip to Tamworth, but it soon fell apart for the Scotsmen, as the implacable Phoenix offence caught fire.

They head to a bye week, but if results go their way they can still finish about the Pirates to round out the year as the top scots in the Prem North.

Farnham Knights L

6. Farnham Knights =

Hey, remember that time we told you that Farnham had big play potential and were better than their scorelines would imply?

Yeah, that was last week.

Well, against a battered Bury Saints, and courtesy of the rumoured return of a Farnham legend to the roster? The Knights charged right over the Saints last weekend.

They head to a bye week, but might they round out the season in style with another upset victory against the Aztecs to finish off the year?

Sheffield Giants L

6. Sheffield Giants =

And not a lot of movement from here on up we’re afraid! The Giants return from a pair of byes to face the Phoenix, and while the Sheffield side have been performing significantly better through the latter part of the season, sure they’re no match for the high-flying Phoenix?

With both sides’ aerial attack on form, this should be one helluva game to watch if you’re able to make it across to Yorkshire this weekend!


Bristol Aztecs L

5. Bristol Aztecs =


Aztecs return from a bye week to face the beleaguered Bury Saints. They already bested Bury by a big margin a few weeks ago, so one assume on home soil the Aztecs should have no problems securing the #3 spot in the South on Sunday.

Merseyside Nighthawks New L

4. Merseyside Nighthawks =


Their huge win over the Pirates secures two playoff trips in two seasons in the top tier for the Nighthawks, whose offence has been soaring all season long. Key to their rise however has been shoring up the defence in recent weeks – but will it be enough for them to stand the heat in their season finale against the Phoenix after this weekend’s bye?

Tamworth Phoenix 2015 L

3. Tamworth Phoenix =


With both sides picking up early scores, there were thoughts we might be seeing another hard fought grind when the Phoenix took on the Wolves at the weekend.

It wasn’t to be however as the Phoenix aerial attack spread its wings and opened up to a very healthy lead.

Tamworth visit the Giants this weekend in a game that can finally secure their conference crown – and we’re hoping for a great back and forth showdown between two on-form teams – even if the Phoenix are the obvious favourites.

London Blitz L

2. London Blitz =


In the midst of a pair of byes before their big season finale against the Warriors, what’s going through the Blitz players and coaches minds?

Can they recover and bite back against the Warriors? Give us all a potential Britbowl Preview to remember?

London Warriors L

1. London Warriors =

And the Warriors popped themselves back atop the Prem South with a comfortable win over the Aztecs – the shut out a particular highlight as it’s only the second of the year for the defending Britbowl Champions.

They head to a bye to prepare for their showdown against the Blitz.





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