Power Rankings | BAFA National Leagues, Premiership: Week Sixteen

Hello BritballNation!

We’re working on lots of other video bits this week so we’re keeping things retro for yet another week!

Lancashire Wolverines L

11. Lancashire Wolverines =

Wolverines appeared to return to their midseason form on Sunday, with a strong first half that crumbled as the match up continued and the Pirates’ passing attack found its rhythm.

They have one last chance to save some face and pick up their first win on the year as they host the Edinburgh Wolves this Sunday. The Wolves have struggled with injuries down the stretch – can the Wolverines break the ice on the W column at last orders?


Bury Saints L 2016

10. Bury Saints =


Another disappointing showing from the Saints as they were comprehensively beaten by the Aztecs to round out their year. They’ll finish the season fourth in the Prem South over Farnham, but it says a lot that their entire offensive output through the latter half of the season was only 29 points, total. They scored double this against the Knights back in Week Six alone!

Edinburgh Wolves L

9. Edinburgh Wolves -1


A nice win for the Pirates sees them leapfrog the Wolves in the rankings. Edinburgh have a last chance to round out their first season in the top tier with a win this Sunday as they travel to the troubled Wolverines.

They took a clear win from the last match up between the two sides, dominating the second half.

Farnham Knights L

8. Farnham Knights -1


A week’s absence sees the Knights slide a little, but they have the opportunity to rocket up the rankings once more before the season’s out if they can cause a second straight upset this weekend as they host the Aztecs.

It might be too late to save their season, but they could recover a lot of pride lost in two heavy defeats to Bristol if they can pull out another 50 burger performance this weekend!

East Kilbride Pirates Black L

8 . East Kilbride Pirates +2


The Pirates bounce back from a rough few weeks on their schedule with a nice win over the Wolverines, courtesy of Neil Baptie getting his groove back in the second half.

They round out their year against the late-season-surprise that is the Giants – victory means the Pirates finish their year with a winning record despite their gruelling schedule.

Sheffield Giants L

6. Sheffield Giants =


And the rankings pretty much stay in stasis from here on up once again, though we’d expect some shifts come Monday!

Giants might have scored first, but ultimately ended up getting out-passed and out-played against the Prem North Champs, the Tamworth Phoenix at the weekend.

Usually being on the receiving end of a Burger sees a team tumble, but we’re giving the Giants the benefit of the doubt… for now.

If they can’t perform to form and best the Pirates on Sunday however? Expect a hefty tumble for the Sheffield side.

Bristol Aztecs L

5. Bristol Aztecs =


Nice win for the Aztecs over a slumping Saints.

Interesting fixture this weekend however as the Knights have found form to round out their year and despite Farnham and Bristol having seen two one-sided fixtures already this year, expectations are this final showdown should be a much closer affair!

Merseyside Nighthawks New L

4. Merseyside Nighthawks =


They’re riding a five-game win streak and appear to have finally shored up that porous defence in recent weeks.

Coming in off a bye, they know the conference crown is out of reach and their fixture against the Prem North Champs this Sunday is essentially meaningless, but if the Nighthawks want to prove they’re capable of making a splash in the postseason, their clash against the Phoenix this weekend will be their chance to build up momentum and maybe ruin Tamworth’s chances for a perfect regular season.

Tamworth Phoenix 2015 L

3. Tamworth Phoenix =

Once Daley and the passing attack got going, the Phoenix looked on fire at the weekend!

Their fourth #50Burger of the year, Tamworth have an average margin of victory of just under 40 points going into this final fixture!

They locked up the Prem North crown with their win on Sunday, which renders their clash against the Nighthawks something of a moot point – but will we see either side rest starters? Of will the temptation of a second-straight perfect regular season see the Phoenix rock out their first string for much of the fixture?


London Blitz L

2. London Blitz =


Crunch time in the Prem South as the title comes down to this third and final fixture… outside possibly a fourth and final in the final, finally.

Blitz have had two straight weeks to rest up and prep for their nemesis cross town rivals… and #TeamDC will be in attendance and live tweeting the fixture.

London Warriors L

1. London Warriors =


There’s more than just the Prem South Title at stake as these two bitter rivals clash once again – there’s the reality of an expensive trip across to Tamworth for whoever loses out in this match up and while we’re loathe to talk up the possibility of a northern challenger after having our hand burnt last year, neither London side will be eager to give their semi-final opponents any advantages and risk not seeing their umpteenth straight Britbowl.




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