Power Rankings | BAFA National Leagues, Premiership: Week Thirteen

Hello BritballNation!

We’re on the road this week and struggling to get our mobile DC Towers to produce the special effects we know you’re used to, so as a stand in we’re turning back time and reverting to text-based rankings following Week Thirteen of the BAFA National Leagues!

Lancashire Wolverines L

11. Lancashire Wolverines =

No surprises – on the receiving end of a #50Burger from their closest rival in the conference, the Wolverines stay put at the bottom of the rankings.

The third win for the Giants locks Lancashire into relegation, but this may actually be the best thing for the club who are carrying a lot of recent recruits. A season in the middle tier could be just the ticket to build up experience. With nothing left to lose on the year, we could yet see the Wolverines pick up a win on the season when they return from a few byes.

Farnham Knights L

10. Farnham Knights =

Farnham head to the Blitz this Sunday and with the London side smarting from a one-sided defeat to the Warriors? Don’t expect this to go pleasantly for the Knights. A loss locks them into the bottom spot in the Prem South, so the focus now has to be maintaining morale and keeping players healthy as they play out their remaining games – maybe poach a pride-saving win before the season’s over against Bury or Bristol?

East Kilbride Pirates Black L

9 . East Kilbride Pirates =

Pirates head to a bye week following the beat down they took against Tamworth.

Their season comes to a crux the following sunday as they travel to the Nighthawks – a game which would see Merseyside lock up postseason balling if they emerge on top.

Expect the top Scots to ask big questions of themselves in the next couple of weeks.

Bury Saints L 2016

8. Bury Saints -1

Ouch. It’s been a rough first season in the top tier for the Saints. Beat downs against the Warriors and Blitz are perhaps to be expected, but getting shut out by the Aztecs too? Will have been a tough pill to swallow.

They showed some real promise on offence early in the season, but since the loss of Fred Boyle under centre they’ve appeared one dimensional – only two TDs across their last four outings.

They head to a bye, before perhaps getting an opportunity to re-find their mojo against the Farnham Knights in Week Fifteen.

Edinburgh Wolves L

7. Edinburgh Wolves +1

Wait, Wolves lose, but still climb a rank? Well, yes, at least they made their match up against Merseyside look a little competitive. A bye week beckons before we see how the Wolves fare against the Phoenix on Tamworth’s turf.

Sheffield Giants L

6. Sheffield Giants =

It’s possible their victory owes thanks to the Giants discovering the secret to human flight… or just that this programme has really found its groove on offence in the past few weeks. They’re out of the running for the playoffs, but now head to a couple of bye weeks before they take a shot at their goal of going 5-5 on the season.

Bristol Aztecs L

5. Bristol Aztecs =

A nice win from the ‘Tecs that looks like to have locked them in as the #3 side in the south – it’d be a big ask for Bury to turn around their shut out defeat on Sunday. Still, it’s not all sunshine for the Bristol side whose next fixture is another trip to the returned-to-form looking London Warriors.

Merseyside Nighthawks New L

4. Merseyside Nighthawks =

Their comprehensive win over the Wolves at the second time of asking moves Merseyside one win away from locking up playoffs for the second straight season. Their offence performed to par and they seem to be slowly patching some of the holes on the D… No fixture this Sunday, but can secure the postseason against the Pirates in Week Fifteen.

Tamworth Phoenix 2015 L

3. Tamworth Phoenix =

They can finish their year no worse than second in the Prem North and so are certainly on the home stretch – though their final fixtures are not without perils.

Next in action in Week Fifteen, the Wolves ran them close in their last meeting, the Giants have gotten hot lately, and the Nighthawks offence is putting up points freely.

Even so, we’d be surprised by anything other than an undefeated year for the Phoenix.

London Blitz L

2. London Blitz -1

Ouch. We were really hoping to not see a scoreline such as that this season – a healthy and hale Warriors looked comfortable taking a 35-13 win over the Blitz.

With the two teams meeting once more in the regular, potentially before a fourth meeting in their umpteenth Britbowl match up?

For competitions sake we’re hoping to see the Blitz close the gap with their capital rivals before the regular season is out!

London Warriors L

1. London Warriors +1

And the Warriors return to the top spot in convincing fashion with a comprehensive victory over their cross city rivals.

With #TeamDC on the sidelines, it was a dominant display from the reigning National Champs who aren’t likely to see a drop off in form any time soon thanks to having a good amount of R&R time between their remaining two fixtures!




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