Power Rankings | BAFA NL Adult Division Two: Week Eight

Power Rankings are here once again following an exciting Week Eight!

And, as noted we’re doing things differently for 2018!

We’re collating this year’s rankings via a completely new format – polling not only our own BAFA National Leagues team of correspondents but also giving all of our passionate Patreon supporters the opportunity to determine how these rankings stack up!

Each contributor submitted their own picks of who’s top dogs in each tier, and then we tallied it all up to create these amalgamated rankings!

Once again, this new format of selecting the top ten teams in each tier is proving tempestuous!


Furness Phantoms

The Phantoms reappeared in the rankings last week, only to crash right out again following a hefty loss against the surging Halton Spartans at the weekend!

Reportedly the Phantoms lost most of their starting playmakers to injury in the first quarter and they now have a tough road back into contention in a conference that’s beginning to hot up.

Hon. Mentions

They may not have a win to their name so far this season, but the Lincolnshire Bombers have positioned themselves right on the cusp of a rankings berth following two impressive outings against the some of the top-ranked teams in the tier.

The Bombers lost out in the closing seconds against the Bulls, but their trial by fire against Brum and Staffordshire is over and they could well see a spot in these rankings before the season is out if they perform well in their remaining fixtures.

Total number of teams with at least one Top 10 Ranking: 18 ( = )

10. South Wales Warriors ( = )

The Warriors stay put in the #10 spot having not seen action since Week Four. We’ll finally see them on the field once again in Week Nine versus the Black Knights – an opportunity to earn the rankings berth they’ve held onto so far this season.


9. Halton Spartans (New Entry)

The Spartans earn their first ranking berth of the season off the back of an impressive 41-7 exorcism of the Phantoms.

While the Romans seem a cut above the rest of the NFC 2 Central, Halton are now looking like favourites to earn themselves some postseason football!

8. Torbay Trojans ( = )

The Trojans remain locked in the #8 spot in the rankings following a walkover win against the Raptors. While they’re sitting pretty at 4-0, they’ll wanna take some bigger scalps if they’re seeking to climb higher up the Div Two Power Ladder.

We won’t see the Trojans again until Week Eleven versus the Sharks.

7. Hertfordshire Cheetahs ( Down One )

The Cheetahs drop a spot following their bye but stand a good chance of climbing back up a few ranks when they face the Hastings Conquerors at the weekend.

The Cheetahs bested the Conquerors 70-6 back in Week Four and a similar scoreline should see the undefeated Herts side climb back into the top five.

6. Aberdeen Roughnecks (Up One)

The Roughnecks climb a spot following a nice win over the Blackhawks at the weekend.

Our pollsters are pretty split on where the Roughnecks belong in the rankings – they’re consistently picking up a handful of top-three nominations, and halfway through their season seem locked in as faves for the Scottish title in this tier… However, we’ll not get a true test of the relative strength of the NFC 2 North until the postseason, so for now the Roughnecks struggle to breach the top half of the rankings despite their impeccable season so far.

They next face the Hunters in Week Ten.

5. Birmingham Bulls (Down Four)

The Bulls have been clinging onto the top of the Div Two rankings by the skin of their teeth for a good few weeks now and it seems the scare against the Bombers at the weekend has finally allowed cracks to appear in their veneer, with the Power Rankings polls responding by dropping Brum into the #5 spot. They conceded their first points of the year so far, and a good number of them at that!

Still, they’ve got a great chance to bounce back this weekend when they host the Railroaders.

4. Staffordshire Surge ( = )

A weekend off for Surge sees them stay put in the #4 spot.

They travel the Warhawks on Sunday, who they bested 53-0 last time around. Might another #50burger victory see the Surge reclaim a top three spot in the rankings?

3. London Blitz B ( = )

Their match up versus the Spartans may have been pushed back due to a lack of available officials, but the Blitz B sit safe in the #3 berth for a second-straight week.

They’ll get a true bye this Sunday, before getting a shot at another Essex outfit in Week Ten, hosting the Sabres in another Finsbuy Park double-header.

2. Portsmouth Dreadnoughts ( = )

The Dreadnoughts may have conceded their very first points of the season so far… But four games in and a safety the only blemish on their record? Portsmouth are looking pretty unbreakable right now!

They head to a bye before facing the Bobcats for a second time in Week Ten.

1. Chester Romans ( Up Four )

The Romans rocketed up the rankings this week as our pollsters heads were turned by the massive 77-0 win over the Morecambe Bay Storm.

Yet to concede a single point on the year so far, the Romans bested the apparent closest rival 30-0 back in Week Four and are currently looking a clear cut above the rest of the Central conference.

Having bested three of their four rivals already, the Romans host the Phantoms in Week Ten.

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