Power Rankings | BAFA NL Adult Division Two: Week Fifteen

Power Rankings are here once again following an exciting Week Fifteen!

And, as noted we’re doing things differently for 2018!

We’re collating this year’s rankings via a completely new format – polling not only our own BAFA National Leagues team of correspondents but also giving all of our passionate Patreon supporters the opportunity to determine how these rankings stack up!

Each contributor submitted their own picks of who’s top dogs in each tier, and then we tallied it all up to create these amalgamated rankings!

Once again, this new format of selecting the top ten teams in each tier is proving tempestuous!


Dumfries Hunters

The Hunters’ stay in the rankings was a brief one. Perhaps owing to their final showdown of the year being lost thanks to the withdrawal of the West Coast Trojans, Dumfries slipped off most of the pollster’s radars this week, landing just outside the top ten.

Still, they’ll finish the year out 5-3 and head to playoffs for the first time – currently scheduled for a trip south to Surge for their first ever postseason outing.

Hon. Mentions

The Norwich Devils slid out of the conversation this week following their loss, and rather we see the Lincolnshire Bombers once again sat at the cusp of a rankings spot. All they need is a win against the Raiders and they’ll sneak into some postseason action!

The Torbay Trojans must feel hard done by to not return to a rankings spot this week – they wrapped up the year with a win over the Wyverns and were unlucky not to see a first round home berth with their 6-2 record this year. While that’s still a possibility, odds are they’ll be on the road to Pompey for the first round of playoffs.

10. Ipswich Cardinals ( Re-Entry )

Ipswich make their first appearance in the rankings since way back in Week Six! They’ll still need to round out their year with a win against Essex to guarantee second place in the East (though a Devils loss to the Blitz would also bring the same result), but their victory over the Devils in the East Anglian derby has certainly given them the edge and guaranteed them postseason balling!


9. Halton Spartans ( = )

It’d be easy to argue Halton deserve a higher spot in these rankings as they’ve outshone most of the competition in their conference this season. They took a comfy win over the Phantoms to wrap up the year 6-1-1, but frustratingly remain in Chester’s shadow heading into the playoffs.

Even more frustratingly, locked in as the #5 seed we won’t be seeing their swanky stadium in the postseason! (…or will we…?)

8. Birmingham Bulls ( Down Three )

Birmingham continue their merry ballet in the rankings, their loss to the Surge, by a crucial six points, dropping them to second in the NFC 2 South. Still, their 7-1 record was enough to ensure they head to playoffs with homefield advantage, hosting the #9 ranked Spartans in the only locked-in postseason fixture.

7. Portsmouth Dreadnoughts ( Down Five )

With the title on the line, the Dreadnoughts couldn’t muster the firepower to keep pace with the Cheetahs.

The loss sees Pompey sink down the rankings as the Power Rankings contributors ask big questions of a playoff team getting shutout in their penultimate regular season match up.

Still, Portsmouth have the perfect chance to build back some momentum in Week Sixteen as they head to Hastings. They’d need a loss by something like 44 points to lose their grip on the #4 seed in the south, and we just don’t see that happening against a Conquerors side that have really struggled in 2018.

6. Staffordshire Surge ( Up Two )

The Surge pulled through to victory when it mattered most and snag themselves the NFC 2 South title. Still, modest scorelines to wrap up the season sees them sat outside the top five in the polls and they’ll need a Chester loss against Morecambe Bay this Sunday to rise any higher in the seedings.

5. Chester Romans ( Down One )

The Romans slip a spot following their bye and strong performances elsewhere. They’re currently sat in the #2 spot in seedings, but’ll need to win this weekend to hold onto it.

They bested the Storm 77-0 the last time these two teams met so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem… but ‘any given Sunday’ and all that…


4. Hertfordshire Cheetahs ( Up Three )

A clutch performance for the Cheetahs sees them sprint back up the rankings and snatch the southern crown! Conversely, for a side that’s been setting the scoreboard on fire for much of the season, it was their D that came through when it was all on the line – wrapping up the year with a shutout of their biggest rivals will be a helluva confidence boost heading into playoffs.

They’re currently sat in the #3 seed, and only unexpected losses for either the Blitz or Warriors (no, the other Blitz and warriors) is likely to change that.


3. Aberdeen Roughnecks ( = )

The Roughnecks remain locked in third place following effectively wrapping up their regular season back in Week Thirteen.

Still, they will have been avidly watching scorelines at the weekend, with a Surge victory over the Bulls meaning the Scotsmen have secured the #1 seed and home football throughout the playoffs – a daunting prospect for the six English sides now potentially facing a long trip north of the wall!


2. London Blitz B ( Up Four )

Highest climbers this week are the Blitz B who took apart the Spartans at the weekend for their second straight #50Burger shutout – their fourth in just seven games so far this season!

Combined with the Devils’ loss it locks up the SFC 2 East Crown for the Londoners and means their final fixture of the year against the Devils is something of a formality. Still, don’t be surprised if the Blitz go full force for a perfect 8-0 campaign.



1. South Wales Warriors ( = )

And while the Blitz gave them a hard fight for the top spot this weekend, the South Wales Warriors lock up the top of the podium for yet another week!

They’ve got the Western crown, currently boast the #1 defence in all of Britball… and can seal the deal on the #1 seed in the South when they travel to the Sharks on Sunday so long as they win and keep the Sharks out of the end zone – something they’ve already achieved in five of their seven fixtures this season!

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