Power Rankings | BAFA NL Adult Division Two: Week Three

Power Rankings are here once again following an exciting Week Three!

And, as noted we’re doing things differently for 2018!

We’re collating this year’s rankings via a completely new format – polling not only our own BAFA National Leagues team of correspondents but also giving all of our passionate Patreon supporters the opportunity to determine how these rankings stack up!

Each contributor submitted their own picks of who’s top dogs in each tier, and then we tallied it all up to create these amalgamated rankings!

Once again, this new format of selecting the top ten teams in each tier is proving tempestuous!


Hertfordshire Cheetahs

It seems like the Cheetahs, yet to kick off their 2018 campaign, simply dropped off people’s radars this week – receiving just the one top 10 nomination. However, they open up their year against the Hastings Conquerors on Sunday so don’t be surprised if a big win hurls Hertfordshire right back into the next lot of rankings!

Hon. Mentions

The Dumfries Hunters big win over the Clyde Valley Blackhawks sees them just barely miss out on a ranking spot – one more nomination would have seen them slide into the #10 berth.

Total number of teams with at least one Top 10 Ranking: 18 (Down 3)

10. Furness Phantoms (Down Four)

A weekend off sees the Furness Phantoms drop four spots down the rankings, and that doesn’t bode overly well for them seeing as it looks like they won’t see action again until Week Eight. They’ll need results to go their way to cling on to the ladder.

9. London Blitz B (Up One)

The Blitz B kick off their season with a nice offensive-led win against the Norwich Devils, but it’s seemingly only enough to see them climb a single rankings spot – our pollsters clearly wanting something more convincing to see the London side climb higher.

They’ll get that chance in Week Six against the Spartans.

8. East Essex Sabres (Up One)

The Sabres climb a spot – perhaps their 60 point performance against Maidstone looking all the more impressive when their local contenders, the Spartans, only managed 40?

The two county rivals will get an opportunity to go head to head in Week Five.

7. Torbay Trojans

The Trojans hype train slowed down a bit this week following no game this past weekend and impressive wins elsewhere.

Their Week Five fixture versus the Worcestershire Black Knights is suddenly looking rather intriguing!

6. Worcestershire Black Knights (Re-entry)

Speaking of!

The Knights’ big win at the weekend against the Wyverns rockets them back into the Power Rankings. Despite a slow start in both their outings to far this season, the Worcestershire side have found ways to pile up points on both their opponents so far this year.

They take on the Trojans in Week Five in a game that’s suddenly looking like it could be a crucial fixture between two title contenders even this early in the year!

5. Chester Romans (Up Three)

Chester bounce back from their slide down the Power Rankings last week thanks to a big win over the Halton Spartans – honestly, I’m surprised not to see them ranked higher… Which they might well have been had one of our pollsters not being a tad over-enthusiastic and submitted the Romans in all ten nomination slots and thus had their noms voided!

We’ll see Chester again in Week Five against a Carlisle Sentinels side that’s reportedly already struggling for numbers at this early point in the season.

4. Portsmouth Dreadnoughts (Down One)

Dreadnoughts drop a spot for a second straight week, despite what I thought was a pretty convincing win against new contenders in the SFC 2 South, Swindon!

More impressive scorelines elsewhere see the south coast side missing out on a podium finish this week, but they remain the #1 ranked team in the South.

3. Aberdeen Roughnecks (Up Four)

Another convincing win from the Roughnecks – this time in reportedly far from ideal conditions with a much-shortened game-length – sees the Roughnecks rise into the #3 spot!

They head to a bye, before taking on a Dumfries Hunters side that are suddenly looking feisty!



2.Birmingham Bulls ( = )

The Bulls stay put in the #2 spot, but face their stiffest test of the season so far when they host the Bombers on Sunday.

1. Staffordshire Surge ( = )

No game, but the Surge remain top of the polls. Can the Knottingley Raiders tumble them from the top spot when the two teams meet this weekend? Notably, the Surge won’t face their closest rivals in the rankings, the Bulls, until their final two fixtures of the season!

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