Power Rankings | BAFA NL Adult Premiership: Week Eight

Power Rankings are here once again following an exciting Week Eight!

And, as noted we’re doing things differently for 2018!

We’re collating this year’s rankings via a completely new format – polling not only our own BAFA National Leagues team of correspondents but also giving all of our passionate Patreon supporters the opportunity to determine how these rankings stack up!

Each contributor submitted their own picks of who’s top dogs in each tier, and then we tallied it all up to create these amalgamated rankings!

Once again, this new format of selecting the top ten teams in each tier is proving tempestuous!

12. Bury Saints ( = )

Bury continue to sit rock bottom in the top tier polls, but have a chance to shake things up this weekend if they can make some noise at the Olympians this weekend.

11. East Kilbride Pirates ( = )

Despite putting in their best performances of the year against their Scottish rivals, the Wolves (indeed, they’re the only fixtures so far this year the Pirates have put up points in) EKP came up just short once again, conceding their crown as the top scots in the Adult league for 2018.

They travel to the Titans in Week Ten and need to find a way of bringing some of the firepower they’ve shown against the Wolves into their remaining fixtures this year.

10. Farnham Knights ( = )

Farnham stay put in #10 following their bye.

If the Knights are going to chase a better berth in these rankings, and indeed in the Prem South, they’ll be looking to this weekend’s game in Bristol as one where they’ll want to put in a good showing.

9. London Olympians (Down One)

The Olympians slip down into #9 as others climb.

While there’s a fair amount of controversy coming out of their game against the Warriors, the scoreline was nonetheless conclusive.

Still, the Os have a chance to bounce back against Bury this Sunday, a good performance should see them pick up their second win back in the top tier.

8. Bristol Aztecs ( Down One )

Bristol’s loss to the Blitz drops them a spot. They’re at least finding ways to put up points when taking on the big London sides and that should set them up well when they host the Knights on Sunday.

Both teams are coming in off the back of big losses to the Blitz and will be eager to rebuild some momentum at the weekend.

7. Merseyside Nighthawks ( Up Two )

The Nighthawks’ finally snagged their first W of the season thanks to some final-seconds heroics – a final second hail mary coming through to earn the Merseyside side a victory that seemed to have slipped through their talons after an impressive second-half comeback from Manchester.

The win lifts the Liverpool side a couple spots, but it looks like our pollsters are wanting something a bit more consistent from the Nighthawks before they trust them with a berth in the upper half of the rankings?

It’s certainly going to be a big ask to keep a win streak going as the Nighthawks head to Tamworth this weekend.

6. Sheffield Giants (Down One)

In the midst of a pair of byes, the Giants drop a spot following strong results elsewhere.

They return to action in Week Ten versus Tamworth.

5. Edinburgh Wolves (Up One)

The Wolves return to the top five following their come-from-behind win against the Pirates.

More importantly from the Scottish capitals’ teams’ perspective, the second victory over the Pirates confirms the Edinburgh side as the top adult team from north of the wall, as their recent logo change may well allude to

4. Manchester Titans ( = )

Despite a second loss on the season, the Titans maintain their position at #4 in the rankings.

It took some pretty impressive heroics for the Nighthawks to swoop in and take the W from the Titans, but it’s also worth noting that the host side did indeed lead for the majority of the fixture.

As such, the Titans are going to have to up their game if they want to stay ahead of the pack in the North – they have only a one game lead on the likes of the Wolves and Giants.

Next up for the Titans, they host the Pirates in Week Ten.


3. London Blitz ( = )

For once the Blitz and Warriors’ switcheroo stalls for a week with the Blitz staying put in the #3 spot following a convincing 59-13 win over the Aztecs in Bristol.

Big picture, we’re not really going to know much about the relative strength of the Blitz and Warriors until the two teams meet… thankfully the weight for this southern showdown as the Blitz host the Warriors in Week Ten!


2. London Warriors ( = )

The Warriors hold on to the #2 spot with their shutout of the Olympians. Their burger-streak extends to four, but perhaps most crucially they’ve still only allowed two scores through four fixtures on the season so far.

Might this greater defensive resilience be the key to the game when they next see action against the Blitz in Week Ten?


1. Tamworth Phoenix ( = )

The Phoenix earned their first European victory at the weekend with an impressive 47-20 victory over the Oslo Vikings.

The win concludes the Phoenix’s European ‘phoray’, earning them third place in the 2018 NEFL.

Now focused entirely on Britball going forwards, this weekend kicks off a packed slate of games for the reigning National Champs – hosting the Merseyside Nighthawks at Pack Meadow on Sunday.


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