Power Rankings | BUCS 2018/19 Week Nine: Division One

The BUCS season is upon us, and so our Power Rankings return along with your opportunity to have your say on how things stack up across the three tiers of the University game!

We’re collating this year’s rankings via the highly successful format used this past summer – polling not only our own team of BUCS correspondents but also giving all of our passionate Patreon supporters the opportunity to determine how these rankings stack up!

Each contributor submitted their own picks of who’s top dogs in each tier, and then we tallied it all up to create these amalgamated rankings!

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Despite a stacked slate, we didn’t actually see all that much Division One action in Week Nine following seven of the twelve fixtures being lost to the inclement weather!

Still, what fixtures did survive included at least one scoreline that should see a serious shift in the Division One Power Rankings!


Newcastle Raiders – The Raiders’ time in the rankings was a brief one – they may be one of only four undefeated teams in the tier, but with only three scorelines to their name at this point in the season it’s tough for our pollsters to really know just how much potential the Newcastle outfit really have.

They head to the Hull Sharks this weekend, with the chance to secure a .500 record for the year… But will a win over another struggling northern outfit be enough to earn them a return to the top ten?

Honourable Mentions:

The UEA Pirates made short work of the Imperial Immortals this past Wednesday, returning them to their familiar number two spot in the 1A South East. It was, however, not quite enough to return them to the top ten, as they needed a few more pollsters plucking for them to return to the rankings.


10. NTU Renegades  (4-2) – Down Five

The Renegades take a hefty tumble down the rankings following their surprise loss to the Jets on Sunday.

It was perhaps less the loss, than the scale of it, that dropped the Nottingham outfit so far down the ladder in our contributors’ opinions – they’re still on course to see postseason balling, but a hefty loss at this point in the season certainly doesn’t make them look like a team that might be playing premiership football again any time soon.


9. Southampton Stags (3-0) – Down Two

No action once again for the Stags sees them treated to a rather harsh two-spot drop.

A further postponement means the Stags now face the daunting task of fitting five fixtures into the three remaining weeks of the regular season – a tough ask, that hopefully won’t cost them their top spot in the South West.


8. Kent Falcons (5-1) – Up One

Perhaps jolted out of complacency by their loss to the Vipers, the Falcons made short work of local rivals, the Chargers in Week Nine.

The win allows them to climb a spot up the rankings, but they’re still a long way from the lofty #1 ranking they held ahead of the midseason break.


7. QMBL Vipers (4-1) – Up One

The Vipers will be frustrated to not to have been able to build on their momentum, after their Week Nine matchup with the Immortals was lost to a waterlogged pitch.

Week Ten sees them take on the Falcons for a second time, with the potential to secure their status as a true middle tier contender should they emerge victorious for a second time!


6. Sheffield Sabres (4-2) – Hold

The Sabres may have come up short in their Rivalry Week clash with the Warriors, but in truth they came closer to climbing the rankings rather than falling after they ran their undefeated cross-town rivals close – the game decided by a mere three points!

They hold firm in the #6 spot and look well on track for potentially getting a third shot at Sheffield Hallam come the postseason!


5. Coventry Jets (4-2) – Re-Entry!

The Coventry Jets took flight this past weekend, with their big win over the NTU Renegades enough to see the team soar right up into the #5 spot in the rankings!

They’ve swiped themselves the head to head over NTU, and with only fixtures against the Wolves and Longhorns remaining currently look like safe bets to secure the #2 playoff berth out of the 1A Midlands!


4. Northumbria Mustangs (4-1) – Hold

The Mustangs were left frustrated by the lack of a fixture, and with no action currently scheduled for this Sunday will likely be looking to squeeze three fixtures into the final two weeks of the season – including both derby games against cross-city rivals, the Raiders!

Whether they’ll have managed to maintain momentum having not seen action since December is another question entirely.



3. Loughborough Students (4-1) – Down One

Things are certainly hotting up in the 1A Midlands, as we now see three outfits sat on four wins at this point in the season!

Still, despite no action since Christmas Loughborough remain the frontrunners in the conference, courtesy of a stout defence (and the head-to-head over Coventry).

They return to action this weekend versus the Wolves, but it’s their Week Twelve fixture against the Renegades you’ll want to have circled on your calendars!


2. Sheffield Hallam Warriors (5-0) – Down One

The Warriors win, but drop a spot?

Hallam may feel treated rather harshly this week, to relinquish their #1 ranking so swiftly. Still, their victory over the Sabres on Sunday was perhaps a little closer than many might have expected, and perhaps our rankings contributors are worried the Warriors aren’t as big a cut above the rest of the North as they looked ahead of the Christmas break.


1. Brunel Burners (6-0) – Up Two

Perhaps we guilted our pollsters into more favourable voting this week, or perhaps less impressive-than-expected results elsewhere forced their hand, but even without a fixture the Brunel Burners earn their first appearance at the top of the rankings, just narrowly edging out the Warriors by a couple of votes.

Having already locked up the 1A South crown, they’ll take their first ‘victory lap’ against the Reading Knights this Sunday. Even so, with a perfect season in sight, don’t expect the Burners to take their foot off the gas too much!




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1