Britball Abroad | Pride Players Can’t Lift Comets to victory against Frankfurt Galaxy

The German Football League got underway in earnest this past weekend, and this summer former Filton Pride Quarterback Calvin Stitt was joined by a number of other Pride products in the GFL, as Stitt stepped up to the Comets’ starting job for 2019.

Also heading across to Allgau this summer were Pride ballers Martin Vammen (DK | OL) and Tapiwa Munemo (UK | Filton Pride – WR/S) and GB Lions defensive back William Kodjo Davis (UK | GB Lions, London Blitz, Kingston Cougars – DB).

Though Stitt and the offence struggled to get things moving against a Frankfurt outfit that narrowly missed out on the GFL Championship Title last season, Munemo certainly made an impact at the first time of asking as the converted wideout made a touchdown-saving interception to stop the Universe from extending their lead even further in the second half.

The Comets fell to a 20-0 defeat, next seeing action against the Munich Cowboys on 26 May.

The translated Comets’ match report reads as follows:

“The Allgäu Comets have lost their prelude to the new Bundesliga season in the Frankfurt Universe with 0-20 .

The Bundesliga team from the Allgäu was in the first game section, the events largely open. The defense had the Frankfurt well under control and allowed only a field goal 3-0 after the first quarter. However, the Allgäuer attack could not capitalize on it. Quarterback Calvin Stitt and running back Lennies Mcferrenbarely got over their own line of scrimmage. Mcferren scored just 7 yards in the first half. While the home side’s offense line stabilized somewhat in the second quarter, the Allgäu team was constantly collapsing under the strong defense of the Frankfurt side. Stitt almost never had time to pass. Frankfurt went into the lead with a nice move of 10-0 and unfortunately the Comets-Returner slipped out of the own 3-yard line at the next kick-off. With their backs to the wall, the Allgäu could only free themselves with a punt. The defense had almost forced the Frankfurt attack to a field goal, but the Hessians were then given a first-down by a foul on the Kemptener’s 4-yard line and scored for the 17-0 halftime score.

In the second half, the picture was largely the first game section. The Allgäuer Defense had the home side pretty well under control and so the Hessians came only to another field goal for the 20-0 final score. Noteworthy is that the Kemptenern get four QB sacks and two interceptions. This defense will definitely be the backbone of the Kempten family. In addition, the offense of the Comets made it even more difficult with penalties and measured by the scored offense yards this might have been one of the weakest games since the resurgence a few years ago. Above all, it was clear that the Comets attack often lacked ideas, too often one tried to run through the middle, which the strong Frankfurt Defense could prevent solid.

After this first game, it should be noted that Defense is already playing at a very high level, but Offense still needs to do a lot. The game was neither variable nor QB Calvin Stitt was too often on the run, as the line could only slightly against the well-placed Frankfurter align. The sum of the penalties should also be significantly reduced.”




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