Proposed BAFANL Structure for 2015

The following was sent from the league to BAFANL teams this morning.

Issues to Consider

In establishing a structure for 2015 there were a series of issues to consider which were both identified by BAFA and raised by a number of respondents. In summary these include:

  • Whilst tiers may reduce the differential in score lines, closer games do not in themselves, raise performance standards.
  • Should there be more tiers added to the competition, there will in all likelihood still be dominant teams.
  • The structure should allow for as much stability as possible whilst retaining the capability for effective change to accommodate both growth and performance enhancement.
  • That whilst people were open to change and a potential increase in their expenditure, that any associated risks were minimised (especially given a six month implementation period between the conclusion of the 2014 season and the start of the 2015 season).
  • That there should be an acceptance that changes may bring disruption with some teams unable or unwilling to conform to the new structure and as such, each case will be reviewed but once that this has happened teams must be obligated to abide by the structure as defined by meritocracy or consider having an Associate year as voluntarily dropping down divisions can be perceived as a ploy to achieve relative success and is damaging to the integrity of the competition.
  • That beyond any meritocratic rating of a team other factors which may determine a team’s placing in the future should be subject to reasoned consideration i.e. it is no good stipulating a team must play in a stadium if there is not one locally.
  • A number (but not all) felt that divisions should, where possible, be decided by relative performance across the competing teams, and not based upon teams playing different opposition from other divisions above or below.
  • That there needs to be a greater focus upon creating a brand which supports the development of a collective identity and the potential of creating competition-specific revenue streams.