Proposed BAFANL Structure for 2015

The Structure

The structure identified for 2015 will see the introduction of three tiers of competition and the retention of a geographic split of the country into the north and the south (as represented in Figure 1). Each team will compete in a 10 game Regular Season.

The geographical split will see the creation of two football conferences which will encompass all three tiers: The Northern Football Conference (NFC) and the Southern Football Conference (SFC).

The top tier will consist of 12 teams. 6 will play in the NFC Premier and 6 will play in the SFC Premier.

Each team will play twice against the other teams in their division.

The second tier will consist of 16 teams. 8 will play in the NFC 1 and 8 will play in the SFC 1. The NFC 1 and SFC 1 will be split into 2 divisions consisting of teams – the NFC 1 North and NFC 1 South, and the SFC 1 North and SFC 1 South. Each team will play the other teams in their division twice and then each of the teams in the other division in their conference once.

The third tier will see teams split geographically into one of four divisions: NFC 2 or SFC 2 North, NFC 2 or SFC 2 South, NFC 2 or SFC 2 East, and NFC or SFC 2 West. It may be that due to the current number of teams not all divisions will exist straight away and there may be uneven numbers requiring a form of strength of schedule.


Based upon last season’s performance the teams allocated into each tier would be as below. Current

Associate teams which have already been accepted are included. Other teams in development are listed. They may or may not be ready for 2015 and divisions will be realigned accordingly.

NFC Premier: East Kilbride Pirates; Tamworth Phoenix; Lancashire Wolverines; Coventry Jets;

Yorkshire Rams; Sheffield Predators.

SFC Premier: London Warriors; London Blitz; Bristol Aztecs; London Olympians; Berkshire Renegades;

South Wales Warriors.

NFC 1 North: Clyde Valley Blackhawks; Edinburgh Wolves; Gateshead Senators; Doncaster Mustangs.

NFC 1 South: Birmingham Bulls; Chester Romans; Merseyside Nighthawks; Nottingham Caesars.

SFC 1 North: Cambridgeshire Cats; Colchester Gladiators; Hertfordshire Cheetahs; Ouse Valley


SFC 1 South: East Kent Mavericks; Farnham Knights; Shropshire Revolution; Solent Thrashers.

NFC 2: North: Aberdeen Roughnecks; Carlisle Sentinels; Dundee Hurricanes; Glasgow Tigers;

Newcastle Vikings; West Coast Trojans.

NFC 2 East: Leicester Falcons; Lincolnshire Bombers; Peterborough Saxons; Sandwell Steelers.

NFC2 West: Crewe Railroaders; Manchester Titans; Staffordshire Surge; Walney Terriers.

Potential entrants (for this / future seasons): DC Presidents; Northumberland Lightning; Tynedale

Fury; Leeds Bobcats; Humber Warhawks; Burnley Tornados; Halton Spartans.

SFC 2: West: Bournemouth Bobcats; Bristol Apache; Gloucester Centurions; London Hornets; Oxford

Saints; Swindon Storm.

SFC 2 East: Bury Saints; Essex Spartans; Ipswich Cardinals; Kent Exiles; London Blitz;

SFC 2 South: Cornish Sharks; Hastings Conquerors; Portsmouth Dreadnoughts; Torbay Trojans.

Potential entrants (for this / future seasons): Wembley Stallions; Jurassic Coast Raptors; Norwich

Devils; Kings Lynn Patriots; Sussex Thunder; Maidstone Pumas

*There may be other teams emerging which are not listed here.

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