Quiet around here? Scoop, PRs, Highlights, Live Scores, Guest Articles – A Word From The Editor

IMG_20170421_085908489Dearest Britball Nation,

Whether you’re one of the thousand who read everything we publish, the three to five thousand who read the juicy bits, or one of the twenty to thirty thousand members of the Nation that engage with DC in some way every few months? We’d like to think you’ve noticed a difference around here.

From three articles a week during the season, we’ve now moved to releasing about three pieces of original content a day, and updating the ‘Nation seven days a week.

Two things have made this possible: #TeamDC currently consists of over fifty contributors spread across  a bunch of teams, as we build up to covering all aspects of the British game. On top of playing/coaching/working/schooling/parenting/family…ing, etc, etc, they take time out of their week to give back to the game they love through news and information, or photography or video editing, or in a hundred other ways too numerous to name.

The Women’s Team have completed great coverage of this year’s Sapphire Series, we’ll be doing more Adult coverage throughout this summer than we’ve ever done before, and now we know what’s going on? We’ll begin to ramp up our U17 and U19 coverage.

However, the second major factor is that I have, thanks to circumstance and the understanding of my partner and family, been able to make Double Coverage my full time vocation.

This allows me to not only act as ringleader to fifty-ish creative and passionate Britballers and harness their talents towards a common goal of growing the game, but also to ensure we’re able to do many of the core components of our coverage we’ve expended in recent months – such as our video content, live score updates every Sunday, and working with partners to attend events across the country and bring you new information and reach new audiences.

Unsurprisingly, it takes a lot of time, and brings in not a lot of money, but after years of earning to write about something I couldn’t care less about? I became very aware that for me, I’d rather be broke but writing about something I really loved.

Of course, while being uniquely positioned to commit a full week to DC comes with advantages, it also means when I’m not around? Our output has some obvious absences.

Currently, I was diagnosed with pneumonia on Wednesday, and then have been in hospital since Thursday. Hence no Scoop, no PRs, and a lot of the stuff we really wanted to do ahead of the great stuff going on this weekend never got underway – no highlights, nothing pre-BAFA consultation, and not half the stuff we wanted to do prior to the Warriors’ exciting game against the Copenhagen Towers (alongside the fact I didn’t get to attend either! Grumblegrumble!) And yes, unlikely we’ll therefore be able to keep track of live scores today – though you can yourselves via ScoreStream.com, which feeds directly to our home page.

My apologies for this, and my thanks to those members of #TeamDC who have stepped up and punched above their weight in my absence – bundling yet more Britball on top of all their other commitments.

I’ll be back as soon as I’m able, and we’ll work to get our content schedule fully back up to speed growing the game and spreading the word about all things Britball.

But in the mean time, please bear with us… and while DC may yet fall prey to my untimely demise, or acceptance that DC isn’t a sustainable enterprise in the long term, even so, we can only keep doing what we do with your support. Like, share, comment, donate.

Play hard, Play Safe, and enjoy your game day ‘Nation.

We know there’s likely other queries that the Nation has about DC and our content, and so while we’ll look to make statements such as these a more regular occurrence, also note that you can always get in touch with us with any queries via our Facebook page, or leave a question in the comments down below and maybe we’ll put together a little Q&A piece in the not-so-distant future!




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1