#Sapphire17 | Baller of the Week – Round Two

Division One West

Photography (c) Mick Hall
Photography (c) Mick Hall
Sydney Green

This was a coming of age tournament for the teenage QB Sydney Green. She led the Tornadoes to a win against Leeds Chargers as QB, rushing for one TD and passing deep to Oli Davies and Jess Anderson for two more. For the second game against Manchester she stepped in at RB/WR due to injuries and scored twice more. The highlight TD involved juking a defender, stiff arming another before fighting through a third diving for the pylon. There are not many players who can switch positions on offence and still be just as effective. That makes Sydney our Baller of the Week for the Division One ‘West’ tournament.


Division One East

Photography (c) Tim Ox Photography
Photography (c) Tim Ox Photography
Lindsey Robson

Playing against the Scottish teams Lindsey was a force to be reckoned with at NT. Her pressure on the rookie Offensive Lines played a hand in 10 turnovers and countless safeties at Derby’s home tournament. Lindsey’s play of the day came from snatching a bobbled pass at the LOS as she pressured the QB at the 1 yard line, which she then took to the endzone before Edinburgh had realized what was going on.  Outstanding plays like this from NT makes Lindsey our Baller of the Week for the Division One ‘East’ tournament.


Division Two North & West

Photography (c) Geoff White – check out his work @ gw-images.com
Siobhan Henry

Some say she scored 20 TDs… other say she can cause fumbles just by looking at the ball carrier… all we know is Siobhan is the Sapphire Stig! Our spies were unanimous in their opinion Siobhan was the stand out player in Chester on Sunday, but everyone lost count of how many TDs she scored or how many turnovers she caused. Siobhan won her first cap for GB in September and her class is showing in Division Two. When observers lose count of the big time plays she made, that makes Siobhan our Baller of the Week for Division Two North & West.


Division Two South & East

Photography (c) P&M Photography
Photography (c) P&M Photography
Josie McInerney

Oxford’s answer to Ruth Matta had a stand out tournament on Saturday in the south. Playing both ways for Oxford Josie has stood out as a natural athlete, tapping into her years of playing rugby, scoring with ball in hand and causing turnovers playing DB. She was a driving force behind setting up the Saints’ women’s team last year and their first foray into Sapphire is going well for their captain, our Div Two South & East Baller of the Week!