#Sapphire17 | Division Two North & West Tournament Two Preview

This Sunday sees the Chester Romans host round two of the Sapphire Series, welcoming the Cardiff Valkyries, Staffordshire Surge, Sandwell Steelers and Teesside Steelers.

After a successful first round each team has had a glimpse of what they are up against this weekend and no doubt have been preparing for their specific opponents.  However none of the teams revealed too much of their passing game what with storm Doris wreaking havoc the last round. We expect the offence might be a different ball game this time around…

The schedule of the day is set as three rounds of games with each team competing in two games.

The current division leaders, the Teesside Steelers, will undoubtedly be looking to continue their winning streak. Their first match up is against the young Cardiff Valkyries. Cardiff now have their first competitive contact games under their belt including their very first win after round one. Armed with the knowledge of what to expect this time around, the feisty Welsh team should go into the game with some confidence. They will have a battle on their hands against a seasoned Teesside though.

Over on pitch two sees the Chester Romans take on the Sandwell Steelers for the first time since 2015. We expect this to be a high-tempo game which will begin to separate the teams in the division. Chester have some serious offensive talent especially in the run game, but against a tenacious Sandwell defence that only let in one TD the last round; this should make for some exciting football!

Round two sees the Staffordshire Surge take on the experienced Teesside Steelers. Staffordshire had a shaky start to the Sapphire Series and currently sit bottom of the division. Sunday sees the return of some key players for the Surge and with their head coach Phoebe Schecter by their side this time, perhaps they can turn things around?

The final round sees Cardiff take on Chester. The Romans have proven that their strength was within offence and Cardiff have shown their defence can score after gaining two safety’s against Sandwell the last round. Could this decide the game?

On the adjacent pitch, Staffordshire will face off against Sandwell and what seems to be their unbreakable defence. If the Surge can put a stop to Sandwell’s O, this may be their only hope to secure a win on the day.

Our predictions are that Teesside will remain undefeated and Staffordshire will unfortunately stay bottom. Cardiff will stay with their one win from the first round. As for Chester and Sandwell, they should both get a win each but their match up will be the game to watch!

Tournament Two Fixtures
  • Teesside Steelers – Cardiff Valkyries
  • Chester Romans – Sandwell Steelers
  • Staffordshire Surge – Teesside Steelers
  • Romans Cardiff Valkyries – Chester Romans
  • Sandwell Steelers – Staffordshire Stallions