#Sapphire17 | Division Two South & East Tournament Three Preview

Saturday will bring us past the half way point, with just one more round before we find out who will be making the jump to Division One. Conference stand-ins, Cardiff Valkyries, will be looking to show everyone what they’re made of, whilst Wembley Stallions and Portsmouth Dreadnoughts will undoubtedly be disappointed at the lack of final match up between the pairing to have a clear picture of a top team going into the final tournament.

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Cardiff are replacing Peterborough Royals who have moved to the North & West Conference for the weekend to cut down on travel. Cardiff have shown themselves to have both a fierce defensive unit and a snappy offense. However, their first game in the ‘south’ against the Wembley Stallions is going to put their players to the test with a trial by fire.

The Valkyries’ second game is due to be against Oxford Saints, who have held their own against most of the teams they have played throughout the previous two rounds. Seeing how they perform against another team they’ve never encountered before will be interesting.

Photography (c) P&M Photography
Photography (c) P&M Photography

Hopefully returning for Round Three, Iceni Spears are also scheduled to face the Stallions in their first game. The Spears missed the last tournament, unable to travel with too few available players. Following this, Iceni take on the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts in their second game. Round Three is looking to be a challenging affair for the small travelling squad. Their main focus for this Series has been development, and playing against the top two teams in the Conference will be a fantastic learning opportunity.

Hosts Oxford Saints have the home field advantage this time around. The last time they faced conference-leaders Portsmouth Dreadnoughts, they came out of the game nearly seven touchdowns down, having not managed to get into the end zone. Since then, the Saints have developed as a team, working as a cohesive unit, and put points on the board against every team they’ve played. With their home fans watching, Oxford are going to be hoping for a much improved result against the Dreadnoughts this time around.

Changing things up mid-series is a sure-fire way to make things exciting. We’ve had some good football played over the past two rounds. Teams have progressed, rookie players have settled into their positions, and the fires of rivalry have ben stoked. Round Three promises some hard-fought games, but also, potentially, some very high-scoring games.

**Following publication of this article DC were notified that the Iceni Spears would once again be unable to attend the tournament due to low player availability. We will update fixtures as necessary upon announcement of any amends from BAFA Women’s Football**

Tournament Two Fixtures
  • Wembley Stallions v Iceni Spears*
  • Oxford Saints v Portsmouth Dreadnoughts
  • Cardiff Valkyries v Wembley Stallions
  • Cardiff Valkyries v Oxford Saints
  • Iceni Spears v Portsmouth Dreadnoughts*

*Iceni will not be attending, thus these fixtures may either be re-arranged or potentially voided.

Wembley Stallions (C)51022678
Portsmouth Dreadnoughts42021364
Oxford Saints330170252
Peterborough Royals150114293
Iceni Spears0201458



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