#Sapphire18 | 2018 MVP Candidates Announced

BAFA Women’s Football have shared the names of the 2018 Sapphire Series MVP candidates for each Division – and if you’ve been following our Sapphire coverage this season, there’ll be some pretty familiar names on that list!

Per BAFA Women’s Football:

Ahead of the culmination of BAFA’s 2018 Sapphire Series, where we celebrate the best of the best teams in the land, by Saturday afternoon we’ll also know who’s regarded as Division 1, 2A and 2B’s Most Valuable Players.

The final decision on who will take the prestigious titles will be handed to respective Head Coaches, who will vote – but are vetoed from voting for their own charges – on which player has been either the most dominant, destructive, skillful, resilient, commanding or otherwise in taking (in their view) MVP honors.

The winner – from each division – will be the player that accumulates the most votes.

So without further ado, please meet your divisional MVP nominees:

DIVISION 1 (7 a-side football)

Manchester Titan: Eloise Walsh LB #1
Hertfordshire Tornadoes: Becky Martin DL #92
Carnegie Chargers: Bo Steward LB #48
Birmingham Lions: Aimee Cottingham DL #64
Edinburgh Wolves: Rachael Moody LB #99
Derby Braves: Collette Wong QB #24
East Kilbride: Claire Cochrane RB #35
London Warriors: Jayne Meadows LB #46

DIVISION 2A (7 a-side football)

Sandwell Steelers: Sydney Green LB #11
Cardiff Valkyries: Ruth Lewis WR #88
Teesside Steelers: Emma Taylor QB #2
Portsmouth Dreadnoughts: Steph Wyrant WR #42
Chester Romans: Holly Hughes LB #44
Wembley Stallions: Anna Young WR/DB #2

DIVISION 2B (5 a-side football)

Kent Exiles: Vicki Hellard QB #7
Staffordshire Saxons: Emma Sheldon LB #14
Oxford Saints: Megan Brown LB #25
Peterborough Royals: Tanya Brown DB #tbc

Congratulations to all for being shortlisted and good luck on Saturday as the votes come in.


Looking at the list, it’s clear defensive ballers play a key role in Sapphire as defensive players took the nomination from 11 of 18 teams, including 6/8 top tier nominations. In particular, the big hitters from the Linebacker position have really shone this series! 




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