SFC2 Final Head Coach Interview – Paul Gordon, Berkshire Renegades

Who are you and what’s your coaching background?

I am Paul Gordon Head Coach of the Berkshire Renegades. I join the club just after they re-joined the league over 10 plus years ago. Russ Seymour was the HC at the time ask if I’d take on a Positional Coach role before progressing to OC and then Head Coach.

Image courtesy of Paul Gordon (Facebook)
How did you get into coaching American Football?

As a ex player ( 80’s !! ) I never thought about going into coaching before and it was only when I was given the opportunity to return to the sport that I realised I missed it.

Who’s your coaching hero?

I wouldn’t say I have a coaching hero but I do follow some of the US high school / college coaches. In some respect it’s easier now to get your hands on good resource info /tools. I am always reading articles from various sites and looking to incorporate systems which will suit the team and personnel we have. Also big shout out to all the British coaches that I have had the pleasure to work with / against. I appreciate all the hard work you do. If we continue to strive to improve year on year the sport in the UK can only get better.

What’s your coaching dream?

To be part of programme where the development of the sport is established for years to come from Youth /Juniors to Adult including progression of coaches. I have been very fortunate to be part of the Renegades over the last few years and would like to say a huge thank you to all those involved at the club.

What’s the single most important quality for a British American Football coach, in your opinion?

Communication! not only with your players but with fellow coaches within your programme and with coaches from other teams too. You can’t do this role on your own and I have been fortunate enough to work with coaches with opinions / feedback who are willing to listen and work together.

And now the quick fire round! Answer as quickly as possible, we trust you to be honest 😉
Please select one option or the other:

Red ☒ Blue ☐

Cats ☒ Dogs ☐

Offence ☒ Defence ☐

Bacon ☐ Cheese ☒

Blitz ☐ Coverage ☒

Star Wars ☐ Star Trek ☐

Punt ☐ Go for it ☒

Rachel ☐ Monica ☐

Run ☒ Pass ☐

Hot Dog ☐ Burger ☒

Brawn ☐ Brains ☒

Peyton ☒ Eli ☐

Dodge ‘em ☒ Truck ‘em ☐

Classless winner ☐ Classy loser ☒

1 point ☒ 2 points ☐

Squat ☐ Bench ☒

Fast ☒ Strong ☐

Thanks again, and best of luck on Sunday!



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