State of the Nation – 07 October 2016

We missed a State of the Nation address last week on account of there simply being SO much going on in the world of Britball right now that we were simply too busy to tell you about it!

The international series has kicked off in style, with the London Jacksonville Jaguars putting in a strong performance against the Colts for their second straight win at their home away from home!

Britball got its first ever feature length movie with the Premiere of Gridiron UK, which DC was privileged to be invited to attend – won’t lie, bit of an odd Thursday evening to be wearing a Tuxedo while sat in a pub in Crewe discussing your fantasy team with a Super Bowl winner and Packers Hall of Famer…

But that was last week, lets look at this past week instead!

Mosquitos reveal new logo!

The Welwyn Hatfield Mosquitos, named after the de Havilland multi-purpose combat aircraft historically built locally to their Hertfordshire home as opposed to the irritating insect, have shared their new logo design.

Produced by Field Factory Design the new logo does a far better job of representing the link between the team and their namesake.

We’re sure the #BritballNation will agree their new logo is a definite upgrade, and eminently less swattable.

Despite the programme being originally named the de Havilland Mosquitos in direct reference to their namesakes, the club's initial logo preferred to represent the team through the form of the bitey little blighters that are the bane of every British barbecue.
Despite the programme being originally named the de Havilland Mosquitos in direct reference to their namesakes, the club’s initial logo preferred to represent the team through the form of the bitey little blighters that are the bane of every British barbecue.



Do British fans WANT an NFL franchise?

ESPN released a piece on Monday looking into whether we Brits actually want a franchise of our very own, based in London.

They spoke with fans both during and after Sunday’s Jaguars-Colts game, and as might be expected, opinions were fairly mixed.

Beyond a doubt is that there’s a thirst for more NFL, but the query is rather whether we want one set team to play eight games/season here – or would we prefer to keep the variety and spectacle that the current format allows – different programmes coming to visit each season, a chance for the millions of NFL fans who already have a team that they’ve taken into their hearts, to see the stars of their chosen franchise in person?

Dan Istitene/Getty Images
Dan Istitene/Getty Images

It’s something regularly discussed in Britball circles, and there are many arguments for and against the prospect of a London-based franchise… But one thing of note, both in the article in as those who attended the game will have witnessed firsthand, the Jaguars are clearly doing something right. Their popularity in the UK has rocketed, and there were moments during the Jags-Colts that really did feel like the Jaguars are beginning to establish themselves as the ‘home team’ in a way never truly seen before in an international series game.

Read the full article at ESPN. 


Jags Se7ens kicks off!

Speaking of the Jaguars!

In another clear sign that the Jaguars have every intent of planting roots here in the UK, the Jaguars’ month-long, nationwide series of Flag Football tournaments kicks off this weekend in Wimbledon Park, London.

The tournament kicks off four straight weekends of Flag teams from across the #BritballNation competing in 7 on 7 action for a chance to win both international glory, but also free tickets to the Jags’ game over here next season.

While tomorrow’s London tourney is fully stocked with rival rosters, there are still a limited number of slots available for the other tourneys that follow which are being hosted in Edinburgh (15/10/16) Birmingham (22/10/16), Manchester (29/10/16),  before the top two teams from each region head to the National Final at Fulham FC’s Craven Cottage on November 5 for the chance to win the Jaguars Se7ens Cup.

Registration is £105 (£10.50 per person if you bring a full 10-man roster) and there are very few places left SO SIGN UP FAST!

Each regional tournament will be open to 16 teams – we allow 7-10 players per team. Each team entered will be guaranteed at least four games of 20 minutes and team shirts are included in the price. Teams will be entered on a first come, first served basis.

All amateur teams are welcome, so if you want the chance to take on the rest of the UK and Europe to prove you are the best amateur seven-on-seven team, or just get involved in the fun, then you can book your team a tourney spot over at

DC will be be heading along to this weekend’s tournament in Wimbledon, and producing highlight reels and interviews from the event itself, so look out for our coverage of the Jags Se7ens Cup in coming weeks!



Return of the Redditch Arrows


Some may have believed the West Midlands were already saturated with football from the likes of Birmingham, Sandwell, Tamworth, Black Country Vipers, etc. However, there are clearly those who believe their are more Briballers yet to find a home in  the region and the Redditch Arrows, a blast from the past programme that was at its prime in the heyday of Britball!

Hopefully the programme takes a sustainable and patient approach to its rebirth, ensuring they build a true programme first, rather than simply fight their way back onto the gridiron at the nearest opportunity.





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