State of the Nation – 23 September 2016

We’ve had a lot of articles go out today, and even more’ll be out over the weekend at this rate, but there’s even more antics related to the #BritballNation we simply didn’t have a chance to cover!

Here’s a quick round up of what’s going on in the wider world of Britball!


LJMU Fury try to match our lid designing skills. And Fail.

Most will remember that this was a thing:

LJM Fury Lp7wdnl4

Well, LJMU took their own shot at designing a lid of such glory, and while it was an impressive effort, we’re sure we can all agree it still fell well short of the standard set for them.

LJMY Fury new helmet

Why can’t we all just get along?! The IFAF kerfuffle continues

Image by
Image by

This past weekend’s excellent showing of international American Football was somewhat tarnished this week with the continuing pigheadedness of the sport’s International Governing Body – IFAF.

There’s a whole long saga to this, starting from waaaay back with the death of EFAF in 2013/14 and the collapse of the Stockholm world championships.

If you want to learn more about it, American Football International have a lengthy series of articles on the various hilarious/horrifying stages of the soap opera that has become the international governance of our sport.

Keep an eye out for more on this soon, but the Cliff Notes of the situation?

If you wanna know why International American Football continues to be poorly organised, poorly funded, kept out of the Olympics and pretty much every other international sporting event to boot? Well, it’s because IFAF is too busy have a CAPTAIN AMERICAN FOOTBALL: Civil War.


Didn’t get NFL International Series Tickets? There’s still a chance!


Yup, while the majority of the tickets sold out months ago, a small number of tickets became available this past Tuesday and it appears, looking on TicketMaster just this minute, that a small┬ánumber of tickets are indeed still available – including a lot of single seats it you’re not someone concerned by things like… ‘friends’ – or perhaps just fancy making some new ones!

Head over to

BAFCA Complete The Set!


BAFCA Chairman Paul Sherratt announced earlier this week that the BAFCA Board now has a complete roster – something of a rare thing for our Coaching Association over its existence though notably improved in recent years.

Coach Sherratt shared:

“I’m delighted to announce that Sarah Jauncey has moved sideways from her Director without Portfolio (DwP) role to be our new Director of Education. This left a vacant Director without Portfolio role and the board co-opted Adam Copple to this role; part of Adam’s role will be to support Sarah with Education. We are working on Convention and Website and should be able to share some information with you soon. Finally, congratulations to GB Men and Women on a great weekend!”

DC is getting its Tube on!


Following on from our highly successful partnership to stream no less than six fixtures in the past month, we at DC have been getting a bit visual. Expect to see a lot more videos popping up on our YouTube channel in the coming weeks as we follow through on the desires of the #BritballNation, shared via our audience survey, to begin ramping out more video content!

So, head over to and hit that subscribe button, cos there’s going to be a lot more headed your way, shortly!



Only a fraction of what went on this week, but as you’ve probably noticed we’ve been pretty busy here in DC Towers. Hopefully some big announcements coming in the not too distant future so keep your ears to the ground – play hard and play safe!

– DC




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