‘Taking a shot’ at Britball Winners

Some of the unsung heroes supporting UK Britball are the photographers who come out and take great images regardless of the weather.

There is a Facebook group that highlights these stalwarts of the game and it’s one you should join if you love seeing great action and emotion captured week in and week out.

With so many great photos being shown, it is a real honour to be selected for the cover image of the group and this month’s winner of that award goes to Duncan Gray (Duncolm Sports Photography).

His image shown above from the recent game between Edinburgh Wolves v Merseyside Nighthawks really captures a moment of high drama and athleticism.

If you want to see images like this in your feed, or you want to find a photographer who is in your area to shoot your games, this is the place to go.

Declaration of Interest: I am one of the site admins for the group. Some may know that my day job (well mostly nights really) is shooting photography. On Sundays, normally I’m officiating not shooting.