Tamworth Phoenix Bolster Youth Coaching Staff

The ‘Nix continue to grow ahead of the 2017 campaign with the addition of several Youth coaches.

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After their most successful season ever, the Tamworth Phoenix youth team aren’t looking to sit on their laurels. As head coach Mick Fearn enters his second season, it’s obvious that he and his staff are looking to take the team even further this year with a huge amount of talent and experience being added to the coaching roster.

Phoenix Youth Coaches
Image courtesy of Andy Neale, aka Whizzyfingers

Firstly, interim coach Pete Davies has accepted the full time role of defensive coordinator. After joining the staff midway through last season, this year coach Davies will be looking after the defensive side of the ball with his own blend of juice and playing experience with the London Blitz, Loughborough University and Tamworth Phoenix seniors.

Over on the other side of the ball, former Leicester Falcons Academy head coach Karl Burgess brings his wealth of knowledge to the Tamworth Phoenix youth as the Wide Receivers coach. After a short break from football, coach Burgess is keen to help the Nix in 2017.

Also back after a year out, David Lockwood makes his return to the youth team on the defensive side of the ball as he’ll be assisting coach Davies as the assistant defensive coordinator. Coach Lockwood has been with the club for a number of years and is an exciting addition to an extremely experienced coaching staff.

Staying on the defensive side of the ball, senior defensive back Phil Gallett joins the staff to coach the DBs. Phil is new to coaching but excited to be a part of the team and to coach up a talented group on the youth roster.

Staying with the club in 2017 is youth team graduate, newly qualified coach and 2016 Phoenix award winner – Will Alliss. Will officially joins the staff as the Offensive & Defensive Lines coach, working closely with the OC & DC’s to raise the game in the trenches.

“More coaches adds huge value to our philosophy of coaching fundamentals. Being able to go into more depth and positional skills with individual players will undoubtedly create a better start for these young athletes,” said head coach Mick Fearn. “Gaining coaches with the amount of experience these guys have is a massive bonus. These coaches are all keen to impart their knowledge and I’m really excited to see the players benefit and translate it onto the field. We’re recruiting more players than we ever have, so we have to grow our support and staff too.”

Head coach Mick Fearn.
Image courtesy of Andy Neale, aka Whizzyfingers

Away from the field, the Phoenix are pleased to announce that Suzanne and Stephen Alliss will be taking the joint role of Team Manager for the 2017 season. Both have been hugely supportive of the club in 2016 and are keen to be a part of moving the club forward. The Team Manager will oversee admin functions such as team registrations, subscriptions, league liaison, game day preparation and roster management.

With vital positions being filled on and off the field the club feels confident that the staff in place will be able to push the team to new heights in 2017 and most importantly, offer the players the best possible experience whilst at the Phoenix.



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