The Britball Nation Awards 2016 – Best Uniform

Welcome one and all to the first ever Britball Nation Awards, celebrating all things Britball in 2016.

We have a host of awards coming up over the next few weeks, with various selection methods being used to determine the winners and losers. Ahead of the video submissions, the Nation’s Choice and the Nation Nomination awards, we present our lead-off categories, determined by a panel of Britball experts from all versions of the game in this country.

Opening proceedings is one of the more controversial topics in football – uniforms.


Best Uniform

You look sweet, you play sweet. It’s no coincidence that our best dressed teams of 2016 all had successful years on the field, as being swag is proportionate to being a baller in 92% of all cases. Interestingly, ALL FOUR of our top nominees are manufactured by Alpha, and white is the dominant colour. Less is more, babes.

The nominees are: Filton Academy (blue/blue), GB Lions (white/blue), Hertfordshire Hurricanes (white/black), Tamworth (white/white) (Eds: Apparently our selection committee are not a fan of bright/lively colour schemes…)

Filton Academy

Filton Academy are the envy of much of Britball these days, with impressive performances on the field matched with killer uniforms. Their blue-over-blue look is really quite something, particularly when paired with the silver helmets. Definitely worthy of a nomination.

Photography shared via
Tamworth Phoenix

Tamworth Phoenix (White Out) have been quietly improving their uniform game recently – the “Nix” helmet design is on point – but this year saw their first ever “White Out” game, going mono-white against Coventry and looking fresher than wet paint.

Photo courtesy of Adelie Hernandez, shared via Tamworth Phoenix Facebook page
Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Hertfordshire Hurricanes’ (White over black, purple trim) uniforms have long been the envy of uniball, not least because they actually wear them as a uniform, with all players sporting the same jerseys, pants and socks. Yes, it is that easy to get on this list! While their purple jerseys are a bit of an eyesore, their white over black road look is one of the simplest and best executed in Britball

hertfordshire-kit hertfordshire-kit2
Photography courtesy of ‘Garry’s Photography Blog’ by Garry Neesum @

Great Britain Lions

Great Britain Lions (white over blue)
There may be a lot of things wrong with the game in the UK, but the national team’s uniforms are not one of them. All three jerseys from the Lions programme – the white, plus the navy blue from the men’s and red from the women’s – looked legit under the big game lights, and in truth they could’ve swept 1, 2, 3. However, our panel of middle-aged men/field fashion aficionados have gone for the white jerseys, worn for the thrashing of Russia back in September.

GB LionsGB Lions
Photography by Phil Hutchinson, check out his superb work at 


And the winner is…


Great British Lions (white over blue)

The Lions impressed this year, and not just with their dominant performances on the field itself.

It’s notable that a number of strong contenders for this year’s best uniform finalists were made by Alpha Performance – so a great recommendation for their products!


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Photography shared via British American Football Association[/caption]




Tom Snee

A former local news journalist, Tom has been involved with Double Coverage on and off since shortly after it launched in 2011. Having started his kitted football journey with Huddersfield Hawks in 2007, he played wide receiver for four National League teams before joining the Mansfield Honey Badgers flag team in 2013.