#TopazSeries kicks off for 2017 – the low down!

The new ‘Topaz Series’ for women’s contact football kicked off last weekend with two events hosted by Derby and Manchester. This Series of friendlies offers the first glimpse into which teams are considering moving up to 7’s for Sapphire 2018.

The Topaz Series is a development opportunity for controlled scrimmages between teams as opposed to a competitive league tournament. Since early this year, BAFA have been encouraging all 5v5 women’s contact teams to try and move up to the 7v7 format for Sapphire 2018. To encourage this move, BAFA organised the Topaz Series as a chance for 5’s teams to test the waters with 7’s before committing to the change.

However Topaz digressed slightly into an opportunity for already established 7’s teams to participate as a pre-season warm up at the same time. This has meant some potentially tough matchups for new-to-sevens-teams. Nevertheless, with a complete league restructure on the cards for next year depending on which teams commit to which format, all teams have to go out there and compete if they want to make the move up!

The teams registered for the Topaz Series are as follows:

Sapphire 2017 Format
5v5 7v7
Cardiff Valkyries Derby Braves
Chester Romans Hertfordshire Tornadoes
Kent Exiles Leeds Carnegie Chargers
Oxford Saints Manchester Titans
Peterborough Royals
Sandwell Steelers
Staffordshire Saxons
Teesside Steelers


Last Saturday the first two of the five Topaz dates took place with the Manchester Titans hosting the Chester Romans. The Derby Braves hosted the second event with the Leeds Carnegie Chargers and the Cardiff Valkyries in attendance.