Tottenham Confirm Ground Not Ready for NFL

A statement issued today by Tottenham Hotspur confirms what many thought was the inevitable news that White Hart Lane will not be ready in time to host the game between the Seahawks and the Raiders on 14 October.

In recent news the NFL confirmed they had contracted with Wembley in case they couldn’t use the new purpose-built stadium and news leaked today that Tottenham had done the same for all games up until Christmas.

Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy, said: “We know this will be disappointing for all our season tickets holders, premium members and our fans worldwide. We appreciate the support our partner the NFL has shown since the extent of this issue became evident today. At the start of the project we asked for your support during what we knew would be a complex and challenging build and now we ask for your continued patience and forbearance.”

Mark Waller, NFL Executive Vice-President, International, said: “Everyone has been so excited about the prospect of playing in the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and I know all at the Club are very disappointed, but determined to clear this final hurdle. We totally understand the issue. We shall continue to work with them towards making our future games at Spurs a huge success. The new stadium will be an amazing venue for the NFL and we are very excited about our long-term partnership with Tottenham Hotspur.”

The NFL issued the following post on their Facebook group:

Not many fans will be disappointed by the news, there was an uproar when the Seahawks were announced to play their first UK game at the much smaller White Hart Lane stadium, rather than Wembley.

Even existing season ticket holders were not guaranteed tickets for the fixture due to the reduced capacity.

What I hope now is that the NFL do all that’s possible to ensure existing Wembley Season Ticket Holders can take up their existing seat locations and extend the season ticket to cover the third game. What’s also important is that as we are now talking another game at Wembley those season ticket holders should pay the same amount for their extra game as they did for the seats for the other two fixtures.

The NFL reduced the discount season ticket holders received as they were no longer buying for all three games. This discount should be restored which could be adjusted on the prices for the final fixture.

The one group of fans who may be upset by the move are those who have already bought hospitality packages for White Hart Lane. It is currently unclear what will happen to their purchases.

Ticket Sales Update

In a statement issued 15 August the NFL has listed the following sequence and actions relating to ticket sales:

Ticket sales for this game will take place in a sequence of dates, beginning on Tuesday, 28 August 2018. Here is all the information you need to purchase your tickets:

Existing Tottenham hospitality bookers – If you purchased a hospitality package for Seahawks-Raiders at Tottenham Hotspur you will receive a full refund via Tottenham Hotspur. All existing bookers for this game will be offered a priority window in which to purchase seats at Wembley Stadium, including a range of packages, as well as seat-only options.

Further details regarding your refund, as well as information on how to purchase packages at Wembley, will be sent to you via Tottenham Hotspur by Thursday, 23 August.

Wembley season ticket buyers – If you are a Wembley season ticket buyer, you will now have the opportunity to add this game to your Wembley season ticket package. This sale will take place between 10:00am 28 August and 5pm. on 4 September. You can purchase up to the same number of tickets as you have Wembley season tickets. Please note: The sale will be a renewal of your same seats only and will remain in your account for the duration of the sale period. You cannot change seats or purchase more seats during this sale. If you have not renewed your seats for the additional game by 5:00 p.m. on 4 September, your seats will be removed from your account and released in the general public sale. Individual pricing for this game will be the same as the two other games at Wembley this season.

Because this game has been moved to Wembley, existing Wembley season ticket holders will continue to receive the benefit of a 10 per cent saving over the cost of individual game tickets. Further details of this sale (including your account log-ins) will be sent to you by Thursday, 23 August.

General sale – A general public sale of remaining tickets for the Seahawks-Raiders game, as well as team returns for Tennessee Titans-Los Angeles Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles-Jacksonville Jaguars will take place from 10:00am on Monday, 10 September, via Ticketmaster.