#TuesdayTally – Week Four

I’m back to cast a wary eye over the performance of our carefully selected pundits and now our editor has returned, he’s outlined exactly the level of beating I can give each one for getting it wrong. Let’s take a look at how we did in Week Four.

As leagues begin to take shape, and teams show the public just who they are this year, we hope our prediction success will continue to creep up throughout the season, and that’s the case in Week Four.


Individual Correspondents


So, by week four, we have our “winner”, and in highly suspicious circumstances, it’s our BAFANL Lead Editor, and the man maintaining the spreadsheet, but I guess we can take his word for it. So, despite heading up arguably the most competitive division in Britain, just how did Rob end up being the only 100% predictor?

Predicting London Warriors results is one of the easiest jobs in the world, and Rose didn’t fail there. However, she took the trendy pick and backed the Bristol Aztecs to beat the London Blitz. You can just phone in Premier South predictions! Don’t go against London! Will‘s task wasn’t quite so easy. He did what we suspect most of you would’ve done, and backed the seemingly unstoppable Chester Romans against Shropshire. When we phoned him last night, he was in floods of tears, unable to accept he had let Britball down.


You can’t get 100% records back. Get everything spot on for the rest of the season? There’ll always be that black mark against your record.

On the whole, it was a respectable 12-4 across all conferences this week, with one of those four being a tie. Unfortunately, fresh off being awarded Week Three’s Call of the Week, Grant went 0-2 as the Cambridgeshire Cats continue to make it their main agenda to prove DC wrong, and he failed to call the aforementioned tie between the Exiles and Olympians.

Call of the Week

Sure, he picked the division leader who had put up 113 points across their first two games, but on the basis that he actually DID select them for once, we’re giving our call of the week to JJ for backing the Hertfordshire Cheetahs over the Bournemouth Bobcats.

SFC2 South - JJ Segarty



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