#TuesdayTally – Week Fourteen

Slim pickings for games this week, with just twelve games across all conferences. However, while our top two still seemed to be nailed on, there looks to be seven correspondents all in play for that third place.

As a whole, we continue to do slightly better than four successful predictions out of five.




Their divisions couldn’t be much further apart, but it’s still between Rose and Will, both of whom were correct in all their predictions this week. After going five weeks without a slip up in the pesky NFC2 North, Matthew was punished by the Clyde Valley Blackhawks and Aberdeen Rougnecks playing out a tie north of the border.


No amazing calls this week, so we’re begrudgingly forced to give this one to Rob. With uncertainty at the Steelers’ QB position, and the Bulls giving some better teams a hard time recently, Rob acknowledged this one would be close, but ultimately coming out in the green, predicting a Sandwell victory.

NFC1 South - Rob Amor





Gareth Thomas

Gareth has played for the Birmingham Bulls and Sandwell Steelers, and as a frustrated offensive play-maker craves only the sweet rush that comes with interceptions. He joined Double Coverage at the request of Rob Amor and is only here until he's picked up by ESPN or Sports Illustrated.